Wingless Sprints join festivities at Bemidji Speedway

The Northern Renegade Wingless Sprints joined the field of 86 cars racing on the 1/3-mile oval at Bemidji Speedway on Sunday, June 6.

The cars of No. 88 Chad Puschinsky and No. 29 Brandon Bahr duel in the Wissota Midwest Mod class at Bemidji Speedway on Sunday, June 6, 2021. (Dennis Peterson / Special to the Pioneer)

BEMIDJI -- The Northern Renegade Wingless Sprints joined the field of 86 cars racing on the 1/3-mile oval at Bemidji Speedway on Sunday, June 6.

Picking up feature wins were Caley Emerson in the Sprints, Kalin Honer in the Bemidji Minis, Michael Roth in the Wissota Pures, Blake Higginbotham in the Wissota Midwest Mods, Ruby Eggebraaten in the Wissota Hornets, Conrad Schwinn in the Wissota Mod Fours, Nicholas Jacobson in the Wissota Super Stocks and Scott Engholm in the Wissota Modifieds.

Next Sunday, June 13, is a regular race night with all classes running. Also on tap will be the 2020 season points champion recognition ceremony at 5 p.m.

The first of two Kids Nights at the track will be held at 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 20. Kids will be allowed on track to meet their favorite drivers and be eligible for prizes.

Northern Renegade Sprints Feature

Adam Sobolik and Caley Emerson led the Northern Renegade Wingless Sprints on track for the initial feature of the night with 11 total sprints on track.


Emerson powered to the front of the pack with Sobolik, Ken Hron, Brad Larson and Zach Olson chasing him. Emerson pushed to a large lead while Hron battled with Sobolik for second.

Brandon Palm worked his way towards the front from deep in the pack, racing up into fourth with Chris Lewis doing the same from his third-row starting position.

Emerson dominated the race to pick up the checkered flag. Hron, Sobolik, Palm and Lewis followed in the top five.

Bemidji Mini Stock Feature

The Bemidji Mini Stocks were led on track for their feature by Gordon Hunter and Travis Klein.

Hunter took the lead at the green flag with Klein, Kalin Honer, Ashton Schwinn and Conrad Schwinn close behind.

During the heat race, the red flag was waved when 14-year-old Haden Engen of Gonvick, caught a bit of the front wall, sending him rolling down the front straight before landing on all four wheels. Engen was not hurt and eventually returned to race the feature, finishing in fifth.

With the top two Pookie Race Team cars out front led by Hunter, Honer drove up side by side with the leader. They were joined in a three-wide battle by Conrad Schwinn. Schwinn moved into second with Honer leading.

With the white flag signaling the last lap, Schwinn moved a bit into the lead. But racing into the last turn, Honer drove inside and made the side by side finish in his favor by a nose to win the race. Schwinn, Klein, Hunter and Engen trailed.


Wissota Pure Stocks Feature

The Wissota Pure Stocks rolled on track led by pole sitter Austin Carlson with Billy Binkley to his right. Carlson raced to the lead into turn one followed by Dusty Caspers, Josh Berg, Binkley and Michael Roth.

Roth caught and passed Berg and moved up to duel with Caspers for second in a side by side race with Caspers holding his position.

A caution flag waved when the left rear tire of Bryan Karl broke loose in turn two.

The restart had Carlson, Caspers, Roth, Kade Leeper and Berg in the top five. Caspers raced up on the back straight on the outside and into the lead, but Roth was charging up as well, making it a three-wide battle for the lead.

Roth pulled out another feature win with Caspers, Carlson, Leeper and Berg in the top five.

Wissota Midwest Modifieds Feature

Blake Higginbotham drove out on the pole position for the start of the Wissota Midwest Modified feature with Brennen Schmidt outside. Higginbotham took the lead with Austin McClellan, Alan Olafson, Schmidt and Brandon Bahr trailing. Bahr raced low in turn two and took the fourth spot.

Jeff Reed, two-time champion last week, started in the fourth row and was on the move. He raced up into the top five before blowing a rear tire before a caution flag waved in turn three to give him a chance to pit and return to the race tailback.

Higginbotham, McClellan, Olafson, Bahr and Harley Kroening led the field in the top five, but in one lap, Reed was back in fifth after racing on the high side of the fast track. Olafson was also on the move, charging forward into second as he moved up to challenge Higgenbotham for the lead.


Reed continued forward with passes of Kroening and Bahr to take over third. Bahr caught and passed Kroening for fourth as Higginbotham picked up the checkered flag. Olafson, Reed, Bahr and Kroening made up the top five.

Wissota Hornet Feature

The Wissota Hornets were 19 cars strong for the start of their feature led by Logan Sathre and

Derek Wangberg.

Several cautions slowed the start of the race, but once the race got the green, it was 15-year-old Ruby Eggebraaten taking the lead from her second-row inside starting position.

Peyton Edelman pulled in behind Eggebraaten in second with Aidan Helwig, Logan ZumMallen and Sathre in the top five.

A couple of more cautions slowed the race again with Eggebraaten able to maintain her first-place spot on the track with each restart.

After several tries, track officials called the race on time and Eggebraaten picked up her first-ever win in just her third race. She is a third-generation racer with father Dean racing at Bemidji for years and her grandfather Paul was a legendary racer in the North Dakota and Minnesota area years ago.

Edelman, Helwig, Sathre and Chad Reller made up the top five.


Wissota Mod Four Feature

Conrad Schwinn and Blake Erickson led the field of Wissota Mod fours to the green flag with Schwinn charging to the front followed by Skyler Smith, Dean Larson, Erickson and Jonathon Feda.

Smith moved up high in the 3-4 corner and Larson dove low into second place. Schwinn powered out to a five-car length lead over the field and never relinquished the spot, leading the entire race with just one caution to slow the competition.

Erickson was able to race up and challenge Smith for third, making the pass late following a door to door duel.

Schwinn took the checkers with Larson, Erickson, Smith and Nick McCann in the top five.

Wissota Super Stock Feature

Tim Carlson and Kevin Bahr led the field of Wissota Super Stocks down the front straight to the starting flag with Carlson taking the lead followed by son Dalton in second.

Matt Sparby and Bahr were in the top five, but it was Nicholas Jacobson finding traction on the top side, charging up from his second-row outside starting position to take the lead.

Dalton Carlson made the pass of Tim Carlson for second while Sparby and Bahr fought for fourth. Sparby eventually won that race and moved up and passed Tim Carlson for third with an inside line pass in turn two.

Jacobson flew to the feature win with Dalton Carlson, Sparby, Tim Carlson and Harley Kroening trailing.


Wissota Modified Feature

The final race of the evening held under clear skies was the Wissota Modifieds.

Scott Engholm and Lance Schilling charged down the front straight into turn one with Engholm leading over Schilling, Davey Mills, Josh Beaulieu and Devin Fouquette.

Schilling raced up a bit too high and dropped back to fifth while Mills took over the second spot. Fouquette raced low and into fourth prior to a caution on the track when he spun, sending him tailback for a restart.

The restart had Engholm up front followed by Mills, Beaulieu, Schilling and Nathan Higginbotham. Beaulieu was able to get under Mills and take second as Doyle Erickson made his first appearance in the top five late, taking fifth.

Engholm took the checkered flag followed by Beaulieu, Mills, Schilling and Erickson to end a night of stock racing at Bemidji Speedway.

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