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BOYS SWIMMING: Park Rapids edges BHS

BEMIDJI -- The Bemidji High School boys swimming and diving team came up short in a dual meet against Park Rapids on Friday night, falling in the 98-87 decision at the BHS pool.

Sam Hendricks and Gabe Goodwin combined for the Lumberjacks’ three individual wins. Hendricks took first in the 200 Freestyle with a 1:58.65 mark, while his time of 5:28.61 earned him the top spot in the 500 Freestyle.

Goodwin, meanwhile finished the 100 Freestyle in 54.49, good for first. Additionally, the team of Hendricks, Al Goodwin, Nikita Graves and David Forte won the 200 Freestyle Relay with a 1:42.23 time.

Park Rapids won eight of the 12 events, making way for its 98-87 win.

Bemidji will dive back into action at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 19, for a meet against Detroit Lakes at the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center.

Park Rapids 98, Bemidji 87

200 Medley Relay: 1-PR A (Benson, Breitweser, Behrens, Fritze) 1:51.27. Bemidji results: 2-BHS A (Berglund, H. Thorsgard, G. Goodwin, Yartz) 1:59.20; 4-BHS B (Laakso, Forte, K. Michalicek, B. Thorsgard) 2:28.18.

200 Freestyle: 1-Hendricks (BHS) 1:58.65. Bemidji results: 3-Graves 2:11.03; 4-A. Goodwin 2:11.75.

200 IM: 1-Behrens (PR) 2:23.03. Bemidji results: 2-Berglund 2:40.79.

50 Freestyle: 1-Fritze (PR) 24.01. Bemidji results: 2-G. Goodwin 24.68; 3-Forte 26.66; 4-B. Michalicek 27.10.

1 Meter Diving: 1-Fritze (PR) 239.40. Bemidji results: 2-Munter 235.85; 4-H. Thorsgard 200.10; 5-B. Thorsgard 162.80.

100 Butterfly: 1-Behrens (PR) 1:02.02. Bemidji results: 2-Graves 1:09.62; 3-Goodwin 1:12.29.

100 Freestyle: 1-G. Goodwin (BHS) 54.49. Bemidji results: 3-B. Michalicek 1:00.50; 6-K. Michalicek 1:08.54.

500 Freestyle: 1-Hendricks (BHS) 5:28.61. Bemidji results: 5-Haubrich 7:09.19.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1-BHS A (Hendricks, A. Goodwin, Graves, Forte) 1:42.23. Bemidji results: 2-BHS B (Munter, B. Michalicek, Tobon, Laakso) 1:52.17.

100 Backstroke: 1-Benson (PR) 1:01.36. Bemidji results: 3-Berglund 1:08.37; 4-Yartz 1:10.84.

100 Breaststroke: 1-Breitweser (PR) 1:15.32. Bemidji results: 2-Forte 1:23.36; 4-Holmen 1:29.39; 6-Laakso 1:36.77.

400 Freestyle Relay: 1-PR A (Benson, Behrens, Williams, Fritze) 3:41.38. Bemidji results: 2-BHS A (Hendricks, G. Goodwin, A. Goodwin, Yartz) 3:43.95; 3-BHS B (Graves, B. Michalicek, Tobon, K. Michalicek) 4:31.53.