WRESTLING: Bemidji girls take 2nd, boys win Saturday bracket at The Clash

Facing teams from several states, the girls took second place as a team on Friday. The boys were the top finishers on Saturday among a bracket of seventh-place teams from Friday’s competition.

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Bemidji Lumberjacks
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LA CROSSE, Wis. – The Bemidji High School wrestling teams had a busy weekend at The Clash in La Crosse, Wis.

The Lumberjack boys and girls wrestled against competition from several states. The girls took second place as a team on Friday, while the boys were the top finishers on Saturday among a bracket of seventh-place teams from Friday’s competition.

The BHS girls team felled Batavia (Ill.) 55-12 and Joliet Township (Ill.) 41-30 to reach the championship round on Friday, where they lost to national No. 9 Liberty (Ariz.) 44-24.

The girls also competed as individuals on Saturday. Tori Bahr (126 pounds) and Kylie Donat (138) took second in their brackets; Elizabeth Oster (152) and Maya Schmidt (185) finished third; while Makaya Gotchie (114), Jadyn Kelly (145) and Leah Willard (165) all placed fourth. Brenalen Fredriksen-Holm (107) and Brie Leeper (185) claimed fifth, with Amber Kremper (100) landing seventh.

In the boys team competition, the Lumberjacks matched up with top-15 nationally ranked Bettendorf (Iowa) in their first dual on Friday. BHS lost that match 43-24, then fell 30-29 to Dover-Eyota. The Jacks rebounded to beat Liberty (Ariz.) 39-26 to close the night.


On Saturday, Bemidji matched up with seventh-place teams from Friday’s other three brackets. The Lumberjacks swept Saturday’s competition, defeating Mahomet-Seymour (Ill.) 45-30, Marian Central Catholic (Ill.) 52-19 and North Scott (Iowa) 50-27.

Several Bemidji boys had productive weekends on the mat. Dane Jorgensen (152/160 pounds) and Seth Newby (160/170) each went 6-0 in their matches. Nick Strand (113) also won five matches, and Gabe Morin (106) and Hunter Heim (126) were victorious in four.

Both Jacks teams now return home for the Rick Lee Invitational, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Jan. 13-14, at the Sanford Center.

Bettendorf 43, Bemidji boys 24

106: Jayden Luna (BET) over Gabe Morin, MD 9-1

113: Jake Knight (BET) over Nick Strand, MD 18-8

120: Timothy Koester (BET) over Gavin Osborn, Fall 1:20

126: Cody Trevino (BET) over Hunter Heim, MD 11-2


132: Jayce Luna (BET) over Brody Castonguay, MD 15-7

138: Lincoln Jipp (BET) over Alec Newby, Fall 2:45

145: Tycho Carmichael (BET) over Ricky Wuori Jr., Fall 3:17

152: Dane Jorgensen (BEM) over Elijah Mendoza, Fall 1:37

160: Seth Newby (BEM) over Jordan Roberts, Fall 0:43

170: Coy Olsen (BEM) over Jacob Whipple, Fall 5:52

182: Cooper Agosta (BET) over Spencer Ness, Dec 4-2

195: Parker Orvik (BEM) over Ronan Numkena, Fall 5:27


220: Zander Glazebrook (BET) over Kohen Donat, Dec 7-6

285: Aiden Lee (BET) over Tom Paquette, Dec 5-1

Dover-Eyota 30, Bemidji boys 29

106: Gabe Morin (BHS) over Bronson Shea, MD 14-6

113: Nick Strand (BHS) over Devon Bye, Fall 1:08

120: Gavin Osborn (BHS) over Caden Haag, MD 18-6

126: Hunter Heim (BHS) over Cooper Hanson, Fall 3:16

132: Bolton Thesing (DE) over Brody Castonguay, Dec 3-1

138: Alec Newby (BHS) over Jacob Dessner, Dec 6-1

145: Damon Bye (DE) over Ricky Wuori Jr., Dec 9-7

152: Dane Jorgensen (BHS) over Brodie Kellen, Dec 8-7

160: Seth Newby (BHS) over Gavin Gus, Dec 7-6

170: Landon Lehnertz (DE) over Coy Olsen, Dec 1-0

182: Andrew Wendt (DE) over Spencer Ness, Dec 7-2

195: Aidan Gasper (DE) over Kohen Donat, Fall 0:54

220: Tyler Mix (DE) win by forfeit

285: Jackson Duellman (DE) over Tom Paquette, Fall 1:07

Bemidji boys 39, Liberty 26

106: Matthew Krawczenko (LIB) over Gabe Morin, Dec 8-2

113: Nick Strand (BHS) over Julian King, Fall 2:41

120: Cilus Cabral (LIB) over Gavin Osborn, SV-1 9-7

126: Hunter Heim (BHS) over Ryder Fortenberry, MD 9-1

132: Brody Castonguay (BHS) over Keegan Green, MD 11-3

138: Aiden Brian (LIB) over Ty White, MD 13-2

145: Gavin Gregg (LIB) over Lincoln Schmitt, Fall 3:38

152: Dane Jorgensen (BHS) over Jacob Rodgers, Fall 4:49

160: Seth Newby (BHS) over David Rodgers, MD 10-2

170: Austin Brian (LIB) over Kallen Littler, MD 13-3

182: Coy Olsen (BHS) over Maddux Botma, Fall 0:27

195: Spencer Ness (BHS) over Brock Gable, Dec 6-0

220: Hunter Wells (LIB) over Kohen Donat, Fall 1:25

285: Tom Paquette (BHS) over Luke Spires, Fall 1:36

Bemidji boys 45, Mahomet-Seymour 30

106: Gabe Morin (BHS) over Colton McClure, Fall 1:45

113: Nick Strand (BHS) over Caden Hatton, Fall 5:30

120: Noa Halberg (BHS) over Justus Vrona, Fall 1:10

126: Hunter Heim (BHS) over Reese Wilson, TF 21-6

132: Ty White (BHS) over Kaleb Collins, MD 9-0

138: Donovan Lewis (MS) over Lincoln Schmitt, Fall 1:52

145: Tallen Pawlak (MS) over Ricky Wuori Jr., Dec 16-10

152: Talen Fairbanks (BHS) over Theo Ratliff, Fall 2:35

160: Dane Jorgensen (BHS) over Nick Demos, Fall 0:27

170: Seth Newby (BHS) over Cale Hillard, Fall 0:57

182: Brennan Houser (MS) over Coy Olsen, Dec 9-3

195: Mateo Casillas (MS) over Spencer Ness, Fall 1:27

220: Colton Crowley (MS) over Kohen Donat, Fall 0:52

285: Camden Harms (MS) over Tom Paquette, Fall 2:26

Bemidji boys 52, Marian Central Catholic 19

106: Gabe Morin (BHS) over Austin Hagevold, Fall 1:00

113: Nick Strand (BHS) over Chandler Gardner, Fall 0:49

120: Noa Halberg (BHS) over Josh Gawronski, Fall 1:38

126: Kaden Harman (MCC) over Gavin Osborn, MD 10-0

132: Vance Williams (MCC) over Brody Castonguay, Dec 5-3

138: Nick Davidson (MCC) over Lincoln Schmitt, Fall 5:47

145: Charlie Fitzgerald (MCC) over Alec Newby, Dec 7-3

152: Dane Jorgensen (BHS) over Dan French, TF 17-2

160: Seth Newby (BHS) over Ethan Struck, Fall 1:27

170: Max Astacio (MCC) over Coy Olsen, Dec 9-3

182: Kallen Littler (BHS) over Nate Sarfo, Fall 2:41

195: Spencer Ness (BHS) over Rob Hernon, Fall 0:49

220: Kohen Donat (BHS) win by forfeit

285: Tom Paquette (BHS) win by forfeit

Bemidji boys 50, North Scott 27

106: Gabe Morin (BHS) over Hayden Ulloa, Fall 1:15

113: Nick Strand (BHS) over Matthew Williams, Fall 0:48

120: Gavin Osborn (BHS) over Drew Metcalf, Fall 0:50

126: Hunter Heim (BHS) over Ayden Golden, Fall 1:54

132: Will McDermott (NS) win by forfeit

138: Brody Castonguay (BHS) over Adam Link, Fall 0:29

145: Ricky Wuori Jr. (BHS) over Aydan Cary, Fall 3:03

152: Illias Louck (NS) over Talen Fairbanks, Dec 10-3

160: Dane Jorgensen (BHS) over Dylan Marti, TF 17-2

170: Seth Newby (BHS) over Seth Madden, Dec 8-2

182: Coy Olsen (BHS) over Jace Tippet, Fall 1:40

195: AJ Petersen (NS) win by forfeit

220: Jackson McCallister (NS) over Kohen Donat, Fall 1:39

285: Nate Schneckloth (NS) over Tom Paquette, Fall 0:35

Bemidji girls 55, Batavia 12 

100: Lily Enos (BAT) over Amber Kremper, Fall 3:17

107: Brenalen Fredriksen-Holm (BEM) win by forfeit

114: Makaya Gotchie (BEM) over Mackenzie Harried, Fall 1:17

120: Kiera Hagman-Nyagaka (BEM) over Natalie Lenart, Fall 4:31

126: Tori Bahr (BEM) over Anabelle Guthke, Fall 1:06

132: Imrie Mistic (BEM) over Amelia Howell, Dec 9-5

138: Kylie Donat (BEM) over Norah Stoodley, Fall 1:05

145: Jadyn Kelly (BEM) over Lynn Codo-Prim, Fall 0:32

152: Elizabeth Oster (BEM) over Sarah Anderson, MD 13-2

165: Leah Willard (BEM) over Emma Abbate, Fall 2:23

185: Lily Newkirk (BAT) over Brie Leeper, Fall 0:25

235: Maya Schmidt (BEM) over SueSue Paw, Fall 4:36

Bemidji girls 41, Joliet Township 30

100: Chloe Wong (JT) over Amber Kremper, Fall 1:02

107: Brenalen Fredriksen-Holm (BHS) over Emma Schlismann, Fall 2:43

114: Eliana Paramo (JT) over Kiera Hagman-Nyagaka, Fall 1:49

120: Makaya Gotchie (BHS) over Itsel Vivanco, Fall 4:22

126: Tori Bahr (BHS) over Izabel Barrera, Fall 1:43

132: Ana Franco (JT) over Dezerai Puffe, Fall 3:06

138: Kylie Donat (BHS) over Veronica Klobnak, Fall 0:35

145: Jadyn Kelly (BHS) win by forfeit

152: Elizabeth Oster (BHS) over Wonderful Naw, TF 17-2

165: Nydia Martinez (JT) over Leah Willard, Fall 1:19

185: Maya Schmidt (BHS) over Alexa Latham, Fall 3:31

235: Janiya McMurtry (JT) over Brie Leeper, Fall 2:36

Liberty 44, Bemidji girls 24

100: Mia Siqueiros (LIB) over Amber Kremper, Fall 0:40

107: Bella Bocenagra (LIB) over Brenalen Fredriksen-Holm, TF 15-0

114: Lola Hunt (LIB) over Makaya Gotchie, Fall 1:58

120: Kiera Hagman-Nyagaka (BHS) win by forfeit

126: Taylor Colangelo (LIB) win by forfeit

132: Bridgette Sotomayor (LIB) over Tori Bahr, Fall 1:53

138: Lily Hunt (LIB) over Dezerai Puffe, Fall 0:28

145: Kylie Donat (LIB) over Magali Terrazaz-Arzate, Fall 2:28

152: Aubree Avery (LIB) over Jadyn Kelly, Dec 9-2

165: Claire Avery (LIB) over Elizabeth Oster, Fall 1:49

185: Maya Schmidt (BHS) over Danica Arnett, Fall 1:52

235: Brie Leeper (BHS) win by forfeit

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