WRESTLING: Bemidji athletes compete in Malecek duals, take 1st place

Members of the Bemidji High School wrestling team took part in the Malecek Wrestling Camp from June 27-30 in Onalaska, Wis., and Bemidji took top honors home with them.

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Bemidji Lumberjacks
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ONALASKA, Wis. -- Members of the Bemidji High School wrestling team took part in the Malecek Wrestling Camp from June 27-30 in Onalaska, Wis., and Bemidji took top honors home with them.

Bemidji finished 6-0 at the tournament, winning its pool and then the Gold Division championship bracket.

In pool play, Bemidji defeated Aquinas 39-27, Glenbrook South 84-0 and Thief River Falls 63-3.

The 3-0 record moved them into the top bracket for the finals, and the success didn’t slow down there. Bemidji defeated Random Lake 51-13 in the quarterfinals and LeRoy Gold 66-6 in the semifinals. Finally, in the championship, Bemidji topped Coleman 58-16 to win the title.

Gabriel Morin (106 pounds), Nick Strand (113), Gavin Osborn (120), Hunter Heim (126), Alec Newby (132/138), Barrick Nelson (195) and Parker Orvik (220) all went undefeated and posted an unblemished 6-0 record for Bemidji.


Bemidji 39, Aquinas 27

106: Gabriel Morin (BEM) over Roger Flege, Dec 5-2

113: Nick Strand (BEM) over Jake Fitzpatrick, Dec 5-3

120: Gavin Osborn (BEM) over Thomas Bagniefski, Fall 0:40

126: Hunter Heim (BEM) over Marcus Klar, Dec 8-2

132: Waylon Hargrove (AQU) over Lincoln Schmitt, Fall 1:31

138: Alec Newby (BEM) over Trevor Paulson, Dec 4-2

145: Zach Malin (AQU) over Ricky Wuori Jr., Fall 3:21


152: Robert Flege (AQU) over Bo Hofstad, Fall 0:55

160: Calvin Hargrove (AQU) over Jack Solum, Fall 0:37

170: David Malin (AQU) over Seth Newby, SV-1 4-2

182: Coy Olsen (BEM) over Brett Ziolkowski, Fall 1:18

195: Barrick Nelson (BEM) over Aaron Lepak, Fall 2:16

220: Parker Orvik (BEM) over Brogan Timm, Dec 8-3

285: Thomas Paquette (BEM) over Max Maliszewski, Fall 1:00

Bemidji 84, Glenbrook South 0


106: Gabriel Morin (BEM) wins, Fall 0:21

113: Nick Strand (BEM), win by forfeit

120: Gavin Osborn (BEM), win by forfeit

126: Hunter Heim (BEM) over Ammar Khan, Fall 1:10

132: Alec Newby (BEM) over Matt Khamo, Fall 0:36

138: Lincoln Schmitt (BEM) over Aidan O’Connor, Fall 1:05

145: Ricky Wuori Jr. (BEM) over Jack Ehlinger, Fall 0:45

152: Bo Hofstad (BEM) over John Ptak, Fall 3:00

160: Jack Solum (BEM) over Christian Shamoon, Fall 2:28

170: Seth Newby (BEM) wins, Fall 1:35

182: Coy Olsen (BEM) over Avery Dublin, Fall 0:59

195: Barrick Nelson (BEM) over Oliver Wolf, Fall 1:38

220: Parker Orvik (BEM) over Alex Pyzikiewicz, Fall 0:28

285: Jared Donat (BEM), win by forfeit

Bemidji 63, Thief River Falls 3

106: Gabriel Morin (BEM) over Landen Larson, Fall 0:53

113: Nick Strand (BEM) over Nick Svir, Fall 1:48

120: Gavin Osborn (BEM) over Maverick Iverson, TF 20-3

126: Hunter Heim (BEM) over Noah Jacobson, Dec 5-4

132: Lincoln Schmitt (BEM) over Owen Dvorak, Fall 2:40

138: Alec Newby (BEM) over Anthony Peralta, MD 12-3

145: Ricky Wuori Jr. (BEM) over Elijah Hanson, Fall 1:35

152: Bo Hofstad (BEM) over Brennen Johnson, Dec 3-2

160: Kehan Nelson (TRF) over Jack Solum, Dec 4-0

170: Seth Newby (BEM) over Damon Ferguson, Dec 5-1

182: Coy Olsen (BEM) over Riley Poissant, Fall 0:48

195: Barrick Nelson (BEM), win by forfeit

220: Parker Orvik (BEM) over Carter Engebretson, Dec 6-0

285: Thomas Paquette (BEM) over Jackson Ingram, Fall 1:32

Bemidji 51, Random Lake 13

106: Gabriel Morin (BEM) over Drafted Wrestler, Fall 0:46

113: Nick Strand (BEM) over Chase Koepp, Fall 1:05

120: Gavin Osborn (BEM) over Grant Gibson, Dec 5-0

126: Hunter Heim (BEM) over Jackson Averill, Fall 0:56

132: Alec Newby (BEM) over Elijah McChain, Dec 5-1

138: David San Felippo (RL) over Lincoln Schmitt, Fall 1:01

145: Ricky Wuori Jr. (BEM) over Nicholas Daggett, Fall 1:23

152: Stone Pomeroy (RL) over Bo Hofstad, MD 11-1

160: Jack Solum (BEM) over Jayden Young, Dec 6-0

170: Seth Newby (BEM) over Toren Vandenbush, Dec 7-2

182: Tyler Schoneman (RL) over Coy Olsen, Dec 5-0

195: Barrick Nelson (BEM) over Michael Upson, Dec 3-0

220: Parker Orvik (BEM) over Holten Golke, Fall 1:15

285: Thomas Paquette (BEM) over Elijah Fassbender, Fall 1:36

Bemidji 66, LeRoy Gold 6

106: Gabriel Morin (BEM) over Brady Mouser, Fall 1:03

113: Nick Strand (BEM) over Jimmy Chaon, Fall 1:22

120: Gavin Osborn (BEM) over Kobe Brent, Fall 1:03

126: Hunter Heim (BEM) over Brock Owens, SV-1 11-9

132: Lincoln Schmitt (BEM) over Colton Prosser, Dec 8-3

138: Alec Newby (BEM) over Hunter Whalen, Fall 0:55

145: Connor Lyons (LRG) over Ricky Wuori Jr., Dec 7-1

152: Bo Zeleznik (LRG) over Bo Hofstad, Dec 4-0

160: Jack Solum (BEM) over Jack Green, Fall 1:51

170: Seth Newby (BEM) over Ethan Conaty, Fall 0:21

182: Coy Olsen (BEM) over Tyson Brent, Fall 3:44

195: Barrick Nelson (BEM) over Gannon Pinkerton, Fall 2:26

220: Parker Orvik (BEM) over Ash Osborn, Fall 1:27

285: Thomas Paquette (BEM) over Tate Sigler, Fall 2:34

Bemidji 58, Coleman 16

106: Gabriel Morin (BEM) over Parker Owens, Fall 0:36

113: Nick Strand (BEM) over Conner Markiewicz, Fall 1:13

120: Gavin Osborn (BEM) over John Nowak, MD 11-3

126: Hunter Heim (BEM) over Chase Gruber, Dec 6-0

132: Alec Newby (BEM) over Thomas Rhode, Fall 1:40

138: Brady Gross (COL) over Lincoln Schmitt, MD 15-2

145: Ricky Wuori Jr. (BEM) over Cameron Kimmell, Fall 2:32

152: Micah Kuchta (COL) over Bo Hofstad, Fall 2:50

160: William Bieber (COL) over Jack Solum, Fall 1:27

170: Seth Newby (BEM) over Isaiah Nowak, Fall 0:59

182: Coy Olsen (BEM) over West Bieber, Dec 5-0

195: Barrick Nelson (BEM) over Adam Fonder, Fall 1:09

220: Parker Orvik (BEM) over Dameon Burke, Fall 0:38

285: Thomas Paquette (BEM) over Kain Otto, Fall 0:49

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