Paul Bunyan Stampede climaxes Bemidji Speedway racing season

Last weekend more than 100 drivers converged on the Bemidji Speedway for the 27th annual Paul Bunyan Stampede. Nationally ranked drivers like Dan Ebert in the Wissota Midwest Modified class made it pay off with clean sweeps both days. Starting on...

Street Stocks drivers battle three wide on Sunday during the Paul Bunyan Stampede at Bemidji Speedway. Scotty Messner is on top, with Dan Hettinga (20) and Josh Beaulieu (22) in pursuit. Pioneer Photo/Dennis Peterson

Last weekend more than 100 drivers converged on the Bemidji Speedway for the 27th annual Paul Bunyan Stampede.

Nationally ranked drivers like Dan Ebert in the Wissota Midwest Modified class made it pay off with clean sweeps both days.

Starting on the outside front row Kelly Hagel used his starting position to propel himself into the lead over fellow front row starter Tim Johnson.

The two competitors maintained those positions at the end of the race. Scotty Messner finished third, John Kallas fourth and Dan McNamee fifth.

The first pass of the race came quickly and Rob VanMil passing moved to the front with Dean Larson claiming second place.


A series of spins slowed the action late in the race but VanMil held on for the win followed by Larson, Conrad Schwin, Bryce Bjerken, and Tommy McGough.

A tremendous field of Midwest Modifieds roared onto the track and, after a caution and restart, Dan Ebert passed Travis Saurer for the lead. He maintained it the rest of the way to win the feature.

Saurer finished second with Ricky Jacobson, Johnny Broking, and Skyler Smith completing the top five.

A multi-car crash and a series of cautions slowed the pace but after the final restart Tim Johnson assumed the lead for good.

Jay Kintner, Gordie Lancaster, Dale Lindell and Tristan Labarge completed the top five

Bemidji Speedway Pure Stock point leader Bill Chaboyea took his outside front row start to the lead and never looked back in picking up the feature win. Saturday winner Brenden Jensen was second with Dylan Miller, Joel Harvey and Mike Macadams making the top five.

Looking for a clean sweep of the minis Tim LaVoi had the lead until late in the race his car slowed to a stop on the back straight giving the lead over to Corey Pourrier who claimed the feature win. Steve Walentiny, Reed Matthees, Andy Swartz, and Adam Olson trailed

Josh Seeleye-Sautbine missed a weekend clean sweep by one heat win. But he won both features as he made one pass on Sunday night to take the lead and the win over Joe Doti who finished second. Cody Buchanan, Cody Krueth, and John Aderman made up the top five.


The annual Bemidj Speedway awards banquet has been scheduled for the Bemidji Eagles Club on Nov. 20th. Social hour begins at 4:30 p.m., steak or shrimp dinner at 6 p.m. and the awards at 7:30 p.m. For more information or tickets contact Mel or Idella Hayes.

Saturday's Results

Wissota Streets

Feature - Todd Wooden, Mark Johnson, Scotty Messner, Kelly Hagel, John Kallas, Jack Peterson, Josh Beaulieu, Dustin Puffe, Dan McNamee, Howard Kropuenske

Heat 1 - Scott Messner, Mark Johnson, Jack Peterson, Howard Kropuenske, Daryl Passerie

Heat 2 - J. Kallas, T. Wooden, K. Hagel, D. Hettinga, D. Puffe

Wissota Mod Fours

Feature - Conrad Schwin, Tommy Sabraski, Fran Hauber, Cody Fox, Brady LaVoi, Chad Fundt, Jim Maurer, Darrin Lawler, Mike Hart, Brandon Kellen


Heat 1 - T. Sabraski, B. Kellen, F. Hauber, C. Schwin, C. Fox

Heat 2 - C. Fundt, D. Lawler, M. Margl, J. Maurer, T. Stranger

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature - Dan Ebert, Mike Bader, Johnny Broking, Ricky Jacobson, Skyler Smith, Doug VanMill, Adam Johnson, Gary Nelson Jr, Kyle Koenig, Ken Perry

Heat 1 - B. Bahr, C. Koenig, J. Hettinga, K. Koenig, G. Nelson Jr

Heat 2 - S. Smith, J. Broking, M. Bader, M. Sparby, N. Davis

Heat 3 - D. Ebert, A. Johnson, D. VanMill, J. Davis, J. Norman

Wissota Super Stocks


Feature - Bob Kintner, Jay Kintner, Bret Schmidt, Tyler Kintner, Bret Dulas, John Browner, Dale Lindell, Gordie Lancaster, Dalton Carlson, Jeff Braver

Heat 1 - D. Carlson, J. Braver, J. Anderson, K. Keena, G. Lancaster

Heat 2 - Jay Kintner, J. Forte, S. Messner, J. Browner, T. Kintner

Heat 3 - B. Schmidt, D. Lindell, B. Kintner, B. Dulas, J. Bettin

Pure Stocks

Feature - Brenden Jensen, Corey Peterson, Bill Beaulieu, Dylan Miller, Bill Chaboyea, Mike MacAdams, Keith Koski, Mike Johnson, Joel Harvey, Chad Puschinsky

Heat 1 - B. Jensen, C. Peterson, C. Puschinsky, M. Glynn, K. Koski

Heat 2 - M. MacAdams, J. Larson, S. Reini, B. Chaboyea, B. Beaulieu


Mini Stocks

Feature - Tim LaVoi, Reed Matthees, Corey Pourrier, Chad Fundt, Adam Olson, Chris Dudley, Andy Swartz, Matt Everts, Steve Walentiny, John Aderman

Heat 1 - T. Lavoi, B. Dudly, R. Matthees, S. Walentiny, C. Pourrier

Heat 2 - A. Olson, A. Swartz, C. Dudley, C. Fundt, T. Vasecky


Feature - Josh Seeleye-Suatbine, Cody Krueth, John Aderman, Cody Buchanan, Joe Doti

Heat 1 - J. Bush, J. Seeleye-Sautbine, J. Doti, J. Aderman, A. Hanson

Sunday Results


Wissota Streets

Feature - Kelly Hagel, Tim Johnson, Scotty Messner, John Kallas, Dan McNamee, Darryl Dasserie, Howard Kropuenske, Todd Wooden, Josh Beaulieu, Mark Glynn.

Heat 1 - M. Johnson, J. Kallas, K. Hagel, D. Mcnamee, H. Kropuenske

Heat 2 - T. Johnson, T. Wooden, J. Beaulieu, D. Hettinga, S. Messner

Wissota Mod Fours

Feature - Rob VanMil, Dean Larson, Conrad Schwin, Bryce Bjerken, Tommy McGough, Darrin Lawler, Cody Fox, Chad Fundt, James Maurer, Tonja Stranger

Heat 1 - D. Larson, F. Hauber, T. Sabraski, T. McGough, C. Fox

Heat 2 - C. Schwin, T. Larson, D. Lawler, B. Kellen, C. Fundt

Heat 3 - R. VanMil, B. Bjerken, B. LaVoi, C. Pourrier, M. Hart

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature - Dan Ebert, Travis Saurer, Ricky Jacobson, Johnny Broking, Skyler Smith, Corey Koenig, Brandon Bahr, Doug VanMill, Ken Perry, Adam Johnson

Heat 1 - R. Pavlichek, S. Smith, D. VanMill, J. Norman, K. Koenig

Heat 2 - R. Jacobson, A. Johnson, J. Broking, K. Perry, G. NelsonJr

Heat 3 - D. Ebert, T. Saurer, J. Hettinga, C. Koenig, B. Bahr

Wissota Super Stocks

Feature - Tim Johnson, Jay Kintner, Gordie Lancaster, Dale Lindell, Tristan Labarge, Jim Bettin, Jean Forte, RJ Roepke, Bret Dulas, Dalton Carlson

Heat 1 - R. Love, G. Lancaster, D. Lindell, B. Dulas, M Troumbly,

Heat 2 - T. Johnson, B. Kintner, J. Anderson, T. Labarge, RJ Roepke

Heat 3 - J. Kintner, B. Schmidt,. J. Bettin, D. Carlson, S. Messner

Pure Stocks

Feature - Bill Chaboyea, Brenden Jensen, Dylan Miller, Joel Harvey, Mike MacAdams, Chad Puschinsky, Bill Beaulieu, Keith Koski, Mark Glynn, Corey Peterson

Heat 1 B. Chaboyea, J. Harvey, B. Beaulieu, B. Jensen, K. Koski

Heat 2 - C. Puschinsky, M. MacAdams, C. Peterson, D. Miller, P. Jerry

Mini Stocks

Feature - Corey Pourrier, Steve Walentiny, Reed Matthees, Andy Swartz, Adam Olson, John Aderman, Leahna Barrett, Chad Fundt, Gary Nelson Jr. Don Kolkin

Heat 1 - T. LaVoi, C. Fundt, S. Walentiny, L. Barrett, N. Fleming,

Heat 2 - J. Aderman, C. Pourrier, A. Swartz, R. Matthees, G. Nelson Jr.


Feature - Josh Seeleye-Sautbine, Joe Doti, Cody Buchanan, Cody Krueth, John Aderman

Heat 1 - J. Doti, C. Krueth, J. Seeleye-Sautbine, C. Buchanan, J. Aderman

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