We'll kick off the weekend with a northwest breeze on Friday. Expect sunshine and a cool, but comfortable Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms return to the Dakotas and western Minnesota later on Sunday.

The northwest wind on Friday will draw in much cooler air to the region. A few showers could linger over the area. Temperatures may drop into the 60s over northern Minnesota already by mid to late evening.

The breeze will be the strongest during the day on Friday into the first part of the evening. Afterward, the wind will slowly diminish, but will still be noticeable into early parts of the night.

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Showers will be exiting the Dakotas and northern Minnesota on Friday, but the showers may linger over southeastern Minnesota and Wisconsin to close this work week.

Expect a chilly start to Saturday. Northern Minnesota may have temperatures dropping into the 40s to kick off the day. Plan accordingly if you will be camping without heat this weekend.

Sunshine is in the forecast for Saturday. Saturday will likely be the pick day of the weekend after all the wind and few showers on Friday. Although we won't be quite as hot as recent days, our weather will be comfortably warming into the 70s.

Our next system will approach from the west on Sunday. This will lead to showers and thunderstorms entering North Dakota and eventually moving toward the Red River Valley later in the day.

We'll close out the weekend with a mix of 70s and some 80s sprinkled over the region.