BEMIDJI -- The hunting legacy of Owen Hall continued Sunday, Nov. 10, when he shot his 101st deer.

The 90-year-old retired math teacher was hunting with 10 other family members, spanning three generations, when he bagged an 8-point buck near the farm where he grew up northwest of Bemidji. He shot his first deer in the same area 76 years ago.

“Isn’t that something?” Hall said with a chuckle in a phone interview Monday morning.

“It was about 4 in the afternoon and the guys were making a drive,” Hall said. “I stood on the side of the drive. I’ve had a bad shoulder and it’s hard to shoot, so I stayed out of the forefront. This buck and doe came out (of the woods), and the buck stopped about 125 yards from me.”

Hall’s shot was on target, and grandsons Tony and Justin took over from there.

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“They tracked it, finished it, dragged it out for me, gutted it and loaded it,” Grandpa Hall said. “It took them a while because there isn’t much snow. They could find a fleck of blood now and then. And by gum they jumped in and finished it.”