WEEKLY FISHING REPORT: Fishing is heating up on certain species

As we head into the first full week of July, fishing is heating up on certain species.

Dick Beardsley Fishing Report
Dick Beardsley has been a fishing guide for over 50 years and owns and operates Dick Beardsley Fishing Guide Service in Bemidji.
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As we head into the first full week of July, fishing is heating up on certain species.

Live bait rigs and leeches or crawlers seem to be the ticket now if you're pursuing walleyes. You’ll still catch some on a jig but you’ll catch more live bait rigging.

We’ve been finding fish on the deep weed edges and the sharper breaks but don’t be afraid to go deeper. This past week we had a couple of days where we were catching walleyes in 35 feet.

A good way to locate walleyes is by trolling spinners with crawlers or leeches. You can cover a bit more water quicker, and then once you locate them, concentrate on those areas with jigs or live bait rigs.

Dick Beardsley holds up a nice deep water pike caught on a jig and minnow during a recent fishing trip.

The pike action remains good, look for those bigger pike on the deeper weed edges and sharp deep breaks. You’ll catch plenty of them in shallower water but the bigger pike are in deeper water.


Bass fishing is heating up and working plastics on the deep weed edges should produce plenty of fish. Early morning throwing spinnerbaits or top waters up shallow will also turn some fish.

Dan Reed of Parker’s Prairie, left, is pictured with his father, Larry, of Motley, with some dandy crappies.

Crappies have now moved out to most of their summer haunts off the deep cabbage along with bluegills. Small jigs and plastics slowly rolled through the cabbage have been working well.

Please remember to practice selective harvesting, by doing so we will continue to have great fishing for years to come.

Dick Beardsley is the owner and operator of Dick Beardsley Fishing Guide Service in Bemidji. He can be reached at (218) 556-7172 and For more information, visit

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