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WEEKLY FISHING REPORT: A snowplow is useful for getting out on area lakes this year

I’m excited about having a plow and being able to get my clients out to their fish house rentals without having it be like a ride at an amusement park.

Dick Beardsley Fishing Report
Dick Beardsley has been a fishing guide for over 50 years and owns and operates Dick Beardsley Fishing Guide Service in Bemidji.

I feel like a broken record the last couple of weeks reporting on how fishing in the area has been: cold, snow, wind, repeat, cold, snow, wind, repeat.

Oh well, it is what it is and we just have to deal with it. I finally dealt with it as I just recently bought a snowplow for my truck.

Needless to say, I’m excited about having a plow and being able to get my clients out to their fish house rentals without having it be like a ride at an amusement park.

Chuck Correll, of Iowa, displays his day's catch of tullibies and perch during a recent ice fishing excursion with Dick Beardsley Fishing Guide Service.

Although, I can’t tell you how many clients over the years have really enjoyed the challenge right along with me bouncing and laughing all the way to the fish house through the deep snow and drifts out on area lakes.

As far as fishing goes, there are a few walleyes coming off of Lake Bemidji, Plantagenet and Andrusia in the early morning and then again in the late afternoon into the early evening.


Jigging spoons and minnow heads and dead sticking with live minnows have produced a few walleyes. The perch seem to come in waves and you can have some fast action. You’ll have to do a bit of sorting but you should be able to put a good bunch together for a nice meal or two.

Dick Beardsley holds a walleye during a recent ice fishing excursion on Lake Bemidji.

The tullibies action is starting to pick up now as we get into mid-February. Look for them suspended over deep water basins. Using electronics to see where they are in the water column is a must. Jigging spoons tipped with a minnow head or wax worms are turning some tullibies. They are good fighters and delicious smoked.

If you're looking for panfish, it’s been a tough go for most folks unless you're on a snowmobile. Many of our smaller lakes in the area don’t have any plowed roads onto the lake and even some of the accesses haven’t been plowed, so make sure you check ahead.

Please remember to practice selective harvesting, by doing so we will continue to have great fishing for years to come.

Dick Beardsley is the owner and operator of Dick Beardsley Fishing Guide Service in Bemidji. He can be reached at (218) 556-7172 and dick@dickbeardsley.com . For more information, visit www.dickbeardsleyfishingguide.com .

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