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Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America prepares for its first women’s elk hunt in Colorado

COFA organizers will have a meeting for anyone interested in hunting elk, mule deer and bear in Colorado at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 18, in the cafeteria at Camp Oak Hills, 1696 S Camp Road SW, in Bemidji.

The Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America is hosting a meeting for women interested in hunting elk, mule deer, and bears in Colorado on Sunday, Sept. 18, in the Camp Oak Hills cafeteria at 7 P.M. in Bemidji.
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BEMIDJI — The Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America is gearing up for its first-ever women’s elk hunt in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

COFA is a faith-based ministry located in Colorado that provides activities for families, adults, and children in the outdoors and has plans of expanding to Minnesota.

Founded in 1986 by a number of outdoor enthusiasts who saw a vision for using the outdoors as a ministry tool for unchurched men, women and children across the nation, they also wanted to provide a space that gave Christians the opportunity for fellowship through events and enjoying the outdoors.

Set to host its yearly men's elk hunting trip in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the group has announced that for the first time ever they will provide a separate camp for women.

Created as part of a new branch of COFA called the Women's Outreach Program, this allows spouses, parents, children and others to hunt together yet stay in a camp designed just for them.


“This year is the first women's hunt and we are so excited. We still have spots open and we want to bring along more women from Minnesota,” said Vice President and Director of Operations Leslie Allen. “That’s what we are hoping to do, meet more women out there and invite them to join us.”

Both the men's and women's camps will be a short distance apart, camping at Ridgeway, Colo., Oct. 27 through Nov. 2.

"COFA’s goal is to build relationships with those that attend a hunt or any event," their website reads. "We want to be able to encourage through the COFA hunts building their spiritual walk and building better marriages, building better relations with their children."

The Women’s Outreach branch of the nonprofit was established in 2020 when founder Mike Brooks saw a need for women to get together to enjoy the outdoors for a time of fellowship.

“We use God’s great outdoors to introduce people to Jesus Christ and share the word,” Allen explained. “We do events like hiking, biking, fishing, hunting and camping along with teaching safety, survival classes and higher education courses.”

According to Allen, the group has been traveling to Bemidji once a year for 12 years. Lodging at Camp Oak Hills on the outskirts of Bemidji, COFA offers attendees a fall getaway where they can fish for walleye, enjoy the scenic bike trails, visit Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, trade stories and make new friends.

COFA organizers will have a meeting for anyone interested in hunting elk, mule deer and bear in Colorado at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 18, in the cafeteria at Camp Oak Hills, 1696 S Camp Road SW, in Bemidji.

In the meeting, attendees will learn more about the ministry, the men’s and women’s elk hunts and how to get signed up. There will also be opportunities for questions afterward and men are invited as well to learn more about the men’s elk hunt in 2023.


“The hunt is a chance to get to know each other and build relationships. It gives us an opportunity to help people," Allen said. "Sometimes when we get out there we find some people are maybe struggling with their marriage, kids, or whatever life throws at you. It's just a great opportunity to help out and teach people how Jesus can help them in their lives.”

For those interested in learning more about the meeting or the women’s annual hunt, contact Leslie Allen at (303) 909-3707 or email her at lesliea@cofausa.org. For information about the men’s hunt, contact Mike Brooks at (303) 880-9878 or email him at mikeb@cofausa.org.

For more information about COFA, visit cofausa.org.

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