BEMIDJI -- Celebrating the 2019 racing season at Bemidji Speedway was the goal for everyone at the season-ending awards banquet held Saturday, Nov. 16, at the Bemidji Eagles Club. More than 140 drivers, crew members, family and fans filled the club.

Master of ceremonies and longtime track announcer Mark Ricci once again moved the program along with many awards presented in each of the seven regular classes that ran at the track in 2019.

Wissota Board of Directors member Tim Carlson presented track owner/promoter Tonja Stranger with the Wissota Strong Award. The award is presented to a race track that continuously supports Wissota to the best of their ability by mainly running all Wissota divisions.

“In the case of Bemidji Speedway we chose them for this award because of the outstanding support Tonja has shown to the organization by always looking for ways to add more Wissota racing to the Bemidji area and to their schedule,” Carlson said.

Special honors were presented to Mike MacAdams, Robert Weleski and Norm and Sue Berg for their outstanding involvement at the track. Dennis Peterson was recognized for his lifetime involvement at the track as its writer and photographer.

Rookie of the Year honors went to Nick Jacobson in the Mini Stocks, Brennan Schmidt in the Wissota Hornets, Trevor Voss in the Wissota Mod Fours, Dawson Kimble in the Wissota Pure Stocks, Zach Jackson in the Wissota Midwest Modifieds, and John Farrington in the Wissota Modifieds.

Special driver awards were presented to Connor Drewry for most improved in the mini stocks. The Hard Charger award went to Dean Eggebraaten in the Wissota Midwest Modifieds. Sportsman of the Year was awarded to Malakai Wilson in the Wissota Hornet division.

Bemidji’s own Trevor Voss was recognized for his winning the National Rookie of the Year honor in the Wissota Mod Four class. Wissota national champion and Bemidji Speedway season points champion in the Wissota Mod Four class was Adam Prieve from Litchfield. Skyler Smith was recognized for winning the track championships at both Bemidji Speedway and Grand Rapids Speedway in 2019.

Stranger announced plans for the 2020 racing season with hopes of bringing the Wissota Late Models to town for a special, as well as a Wissota Street Special and enduro event. The tentative opening for the 2020 season will be Memorial Day weekend with a two-day special with all classes participating. Stranger thanked all the drivers, crews and fans for a terrific year and that she looked forward to the upcoming 2020 season.

Top 10 drivers in each class

Wissota Modifieds: 1-Tim Jackson, 2-Josh Beaulieu, 3-Doyle Erickson, 4-John Farrington, 5-Mike MacAdams, 6-Keith Keena, 7-Doug VanMill, 8-Lance Schilling, 9-Chad Dyrdahl, 10-Ken Hron.

Wissota Midwest Modifieds: 1-Skyler Smith, 2-Dean Eggebraaten, 3-Brandon Bahr, 4-Jeff Reed, 5-Zach Jackson, 6-Matt Fullerton, 7-Alex Johnson, 8-Bill Beaulieu, 9-Mike Hart, 10-Brent Foster.

Wissota Pure Stocks: 1-Kevin Baumgarner, 2-Michael Roth, 3-Austin Carlson, 4-Josh Berg, 5-Kade Leeper, 6-Bonnie Farrington, 7-Jamie Chlebecek, 8-Dusty Caspers, 9-Dawson Kimble, 10-Deryk Weleski.

Wissota Super Stocks: 1-Dalton Carlson, 2-Matt Sparby, 3-Brandon Bahr, 4-Tim Carlson, 5-Harley Kroening, 6-Ron Reed, 7-Al Sadek, 8-Curtis Newberg, 9-Nathan Higginbotham, 10-Kevin Salin.

Wissota Mod Four:1-Adam Prieve, 2-Blake Erickson, 3-Conrad Schwinn, 4-Dean Shaver, 5-Garrett Masurka, 6-Francis Hauber, 7-Nicole Feda, 8-Trevor Voss, 9-Brian Feda, 10-Mike Hart.

Wissota Hornets: 1-Jared Miller, 2-Andrew Hanson, 3-Ross Magnuson, 4-Travis Olafson, 5-Brennan Schmidt, 6-Jordan Thayer, 7-Malakai Wilson, 8-Peyton Edelman, 9-Cody Buchanan, 10-Jake Smith.

Mini Stocks: 1-Conrad Schwinn, 2-John Current, 3-Nick Jessen, 4-Connor Drewry, 5-Nicholas Jacobson, 6-Brandon Puschinsky, 7-Jake Geschwill, 8-Cory Nelson, 9-Travis Seitz, 10-William Foster.