LAPORTE -- Due to the extreme wind, snow and cold the Garfield Lake Ice Racers were forced to cancel Sunday afternoon’s races for the third time this season. Racing will resume next Sunday at noon.

The club announced its annual Garfield Lake Ice Racers Awards Banquet will be held on March 23 at the 3rd Base Bar and Grill in Laporte.

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Garfield Lake Ice Racing season points standings

A Class Top 15

1-Ryan Julin 426 points; 2-John Farrington 395; 3-Bonnie Farrington 379; 4-Ryan/Collette Huston 368; 5-Kalin Honer 366; 6-Joel Harvey 293; 7-Fritz Myers/Nick Garby 292; 8-Bryan Karl 256; 9-John Sharpnack 247; 10-Bob Pawlitschek 206; 11-Josh Seely/Sautbine 184; 12-Reid Watson 173; 13-William Beckman 134; 14-John Hadrava 104; 15-Thomas Arndt 81.

B Class Top 15

1-Sam Delaney 383; 2-Josh Bitker 361; 3-Abe Forseman 322; 4-Dennis Clark 311; 5-Nate Zanter 306; 6-Nic Lewis 293; 7-Chris Roller 290; 8-Rob Martinson 288; 9-Miranda Richardson 284; 10-Cody Hoffman 276; 11-Tony Rohloff 261, Zack Tolman 261; 13-Brandon Bahr 241; 14-Matt Harvey 237; 15-Nathan Doughty 219.