LAPORTE -- Following two weeks of cancellations due to the frigid temperatures, the Garfield Lake Ice Racers were back on track Sunday afternoon on Garfield Lake in Laporte.

A total of 34 cars filled the pits with 20 cars in the B class and 14 in the A class. A large crowd gathered on the east side of the track to enjoy the races and concessions.

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Winners on Sunday in the A class were Kalin Honer with two heat wins and a feature win, and John Hadrava with one heat win and a feature win. Also winning a heat race was Ryan Julin in the A class.

In the B class, Reid Watson picked up a feature win, as did Chris Roller. Six different drivers won heat races in the B class, including Roller, Matt Harvey, Nathan Doughty, Brandon Bahr, Rob Martinson and Dennis Clark.

Races will resume next Sunday at noon. Admission is free to the public.

Sunday’s Results

Class A Set One

Heat 1: John Hadrava, Ryan Julin, Jon Geshwill, Ryan/Collette Huston, John Farrington.

Heat 2: Kalin Honer, Bob Pawlitschek, Bonnie Farrington, Justin Miller, John Sharpnack.

Feature (Top 10): John Hadrava, Ryan Julin, Ryan/Collette Huston, Kalin Honer, Bonnie Farrington, John Farrington, Bob Pawlitschek, Joel Harvey, Thomas Ahrndt, John Sharpnack.

Class B Set One

Heat 1: Matt Harvey, Cody Hoffman, Dennis Clark, James Dwire, Miranda Richards.

Heat 2: Nathan Doughty, Nathan Zanter, Josh Bitker, Reid Watson, Kevin Bahr.

Heat 3: Brandon Bahr, Sam Delaney, Chris Roller, Tony Rohloff, Nick Lewis.

Feature (Top 10): Reid Watson, Tony Rohloff, Josh Bitker, James Dwire, Zack Tolman, Dennis Clark, Sam Delaney, Nick Lewis, Abe Forseman, Brandon Bahr.

Class A Set Two

Heat 1: Kalin Honer, Ryan/Collette Huston, Bonnie Farrington, Joel Harvey, Neal Garber.

Heat 2: Ryan Julin, John Farrington, John Hadrava, Thomas Ahrndt, John Sharpnack.

Feature (Top 10): Kalin Honer, Ryan Julin, Joel Harvey, Bonnie Farrington, John Hadrava, John Farrington, Thomas Ahrndt, Ryan/Collette Huston, Neil Garber, John Sharpnack.

Class B Set Two

Heat 1: Rob Martinson, Reid Watson, Abe Forseman, Nick Lewis, Jayden Stevenson.

Heat 2: Chris Roller, Tony Rohloff, Cody Hoffman, Zack Tolman, Sam Delaney.

Heat 3: Dennis Clark, James Dwire, Nate Zanter, Kevin Bahr, Josh Bitker.

Feature (Top 10): Chris Roller, Reid Watson, Cody Hoffman, Zack Tolman, Miranda Richards, Tony Rohloff, Nick Lewis, Kevin Bahr, Sam Delaney, Robb Martinson.