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RACING: Ice races back on track

No. 25 Elijah Knowles races side-by-side with No. B2 Josh Seely on Sunday on the front straight. (Photo by Dennis Peterson)1 / 12
Dennis Clark carried the flag to start the races. (Photo by Dennis Peterson)2 / 12
Chad Tabaka, No. 86, won two heats and a feature on Sunday. (Photo by Dennis Peterson)3 / 12
No. 14 Ryan Julin won a heat and feature on Sunday. (Photo by Dennis Peterson)4 / 12
No. 1 Bob Pawlitschek with a win. (Photo by Dennis Peterson)5 / 12
No. 07 Kalin Honer (Photo by Dennis Peterson)6 / 12
No. 40 John Farrington and #37 Jon Geschwill side by side racing on Sunday. (Photo by Dennis Peterson)7 / 12
No. 40 John Farrington was a feature winner on Sunday. (Photo by Dennis Peterson)8 / 12
No. 22 Jared Miller (Photo by Dennis Peterson)9 / 12
Charlie Doughty (Photo by Dennis Peterson)10 / 12
No. 25 Elijah Knowles (Photo by Dennis Peterson)11 / 12
No. 37 Jon Geschwill was a heat and feature winner on Sunday. (Photo by Dennis Peterson)12 / 12

LAPORTE -- Following last week’s cancellation due to the cold and wind, the Garfield Lake Ice Racers were back on track Sunday to begin the second wave of the ice racing season.

Conditions were not much better on Sunday with cold temperatures and high winds, but flagman Tom Lindahl and club president Kris Baker kept the show going with the consolation and features divided for safety reasons.

A total of 29 cars swelled the pits with 14 races held on the afternoon on Garfield Lake in Laporte.

Chad Tabaka was the big winner with two heat wins and a feature win. Jon Geschwill picked up one heat win and a feature win. Ryan Julin won one heat and one feature, and the other feature winner was John Farrington.

Racing resumes at noon Sunday, Feb. 28, on Garfield Lake.

Session One

Heat One (1-5) -- Chad Tabaka, Jon Geschwill, Dillon Lutgen, William Beckman, Kaiden Rohloff

Heat Two --Jared Miller, Justin Miller, Joel Harvey, Ryan Huston, Elijah Knowles

Heat Three -- Ryan Julin, John Farrington, Josh Seely, Charlie Doughty, Reid Watson

Consolation Race One (1-5) -- Bob Pawlitschek, Reid Watson, Elijah Knowles, Kaiden Rohloff, Josh Bitker

Consolation Race Two -- Kalin Honer, Nathan Doughty, Rob Paully, Tim Goetze, Nate Zantor

Feature One -- John Farrington, Jared Miller, Joel Harvey, Bob Pawlitschek, Jon Geschwill, Charlie Doughty, Reid Watson, William Beckman

Feature Two -- Chad Tabaka, Kalin Honer, Josh Seely, Ryan Julin, Justin Miller, Ryan Huston, Dillon Lutgen, Nathan Doughty

Session Two

Heat One -- Jon Geschwill, John Farrington, Nate Zantor, Kaiden Rohloff, Cody Hoffman

Heat Two -- Chad Tabaka, Kalin Honer, Bob Pawlitschek, Ryan Huston, Elijah Knowles

Heat Three -- Jared Miller, Ryan Julin, Justin Miller, Joel Harvey, Charlie Doughty

Consolation One -- Charlie Doughty, Nathan Doughty, Cody Hoffman, Dillon Lutgen, Dennis Clark

Consolation Two -- Elijah Knowles, Josh Seely, Reid Watson, Rob Paully, Josh Bitker

Feature One -- Ryan Julin, Joel Harvey, Charlie Doughty, Kaiden Rohloff, John Farrington, Nathan Doughty, Chad Tabaka, Bob Pawlitschek

Feature Two -- Jon Geschwill, Ryan Huston, Jared Miller, Kalin Honer, Justin Miller, Nate Zantor, Josh Seely, Elijah Knowles