MINNEAPOLIS — As youth hockey in the state of Minnesota nears the beginning of its playoffs, Minnesota Hockey executive director Glen Andresen joins The Rink Live video podcast.

Andresen talks about a couple unique youth hockey tournaments sponsored by Minnesota Hockey, including one in which parents from opposing teams had to sit together and shake hands after the game and the head referee talked on the public address about why he officiates.

He also talked about different ways that kids of varying ages (not just 5-year-olds) can try hockey, how his organization is trying to get more people involved in officiating, getting more diversity in youth hockey, hockey family mentors, the growth of the sport in new areas in the state and what is a fair play point?

Body checking has been taken out of peewee boys hockey (12-and-under) in recent years. Will body checking be taken out of bantams (14-and-under) anytime soon? A look at the Minnesota Hockey Coach Development Program and more.

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