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Bemidji Aerial gymnasts compete in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS -- The Bemidji Aerials Compulsory, Xcel, and Optional teams all participated in a meet in Grand Rapids over the weekend.

Level 3 competitors included Jacobi Burmeister, who led her team with a 34.35 all-around score, followed by Lauren Bruley (34.1), Ayianna Carter (33.6), Dezerai Puffe and Samantha Buxton (33.4), Alanna Dwyer (32.8) and Kaiahna Martell (32.4).

Taylor Hanks led her level 4 team with a 34.95 AA score, followed by Aurora Frank (34), Kennedy Olson (33.55), Addison Hill (31.95) and Kaitlyn Workman, who scored a 23 after scratching on the uneven bars.

Samara Osborn and Emma Mutnansky competed level 5. Osborn finished with a 33.05, and Mutnansky took first place on both the vault (9.2) and the balance beam (8.9) to finish with an AA score of 33.

Level 6 gymnasts included Kali Allen (34.925), Aubrey DeWitt (34.7) and Chloe Workman (34.35). All three of them qualified for the state meet in March.

Patti Peterson led her Silver Xcel team with a 35.6 AA score, as she qualified for the state meet.

Also qualifying were Amelia Benso (35.15), Lauren White (34.25) and Lola Wesley (34.2). Other competitors included Brooklyn Sjostrom (33.25), Kianna Ellingson (32.5), Eliana Frank (32.5) and Kyla Frank (31.6).

Adair Wizner led the Gold Xcel team with a 33.4, while Norah Jacobson scored a 32.3 and Sadie Sperle a 31.25.

Next up for the Aerials is an Optional and Xcel meet in Farmington this weekend.