After a chaotic offseason to say the least — the coronavirus pandemic only adding to the madness — it’s still unclear how good the Minnesota Vikings will be next season.

Will the loss of Stefon Diggs be too much? Or will rookie Justin Jefferson step up to fill the void?

Will both Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes leaving make a difference? Or will an extremely young secondary pick up the slack?

Will Kirk Cousins ever solidify himself as a franchise quarterback? Or will the bright lights still get to him when it matters most?

While all of these questions still need to be answered, Vikings fans can at least make some predictions with the schedule for the 2020 season officially out.

Some of the most notable games for the Vikings include hosting the rival Green Bay Packers for their season opener for the first time ever, and traveling to play the New Orleans Saints on Christmas Day.

It’s worth noting that this schedule is subject to change depending on how the coronavirus pandemic plays out. There are contingency plans in place, including the possibility of playing games in empty stadiums or the schedule being alerted.

Here’s a look at the complete schedule:

Week 1

Sunday, Sept. 13

Green Bay Packers, noon, FOX

Aaron Rodgers gets a sneak peak of his new home a couple of years down the road. He’s definitely going to follow the Brett Favre path, right?

Week 2

Sunday, Sept. 20

at Indianapolis Colts, noon, FOX

Time to pick on Xavier Rhodes.

Week 3

Sunday, Sept. 27

Tennessee Titans, noon, CBS

This is the battle of the running backs: Dalvin Cook vs. Derrick Henry. No quarterbacks necessary. O/U on total pass attempts is 10.

Week 4

Sunday, Oct. 4

at Houston Texans, noon, FOX

Deshaun Watson is a bonafide franchise quarterback. Is Kirk Cousins?

Week 5

Sunday, Oct. 11

at Seattle Seahawks, 7:20 p.m., NBC

The Vikings playing a primetime game on the road against the Seahawks: A tradition unlike any other. Spoiler: It rarely ends well.

Week 6

Sunday, Oct. 18

Atlanta Falcons, noon, FOX

The youthful secondary will be tested against a group of top-tier pass catchers.

Week 7


Week 8

Sunday, Nov. 1

at Green Bay Packers, noon, FOX

If the Vikings can steal a road game against the Packers, a division title might be in the cards.

Week 9

Sunday, Nov. 8

Detroit Lions, noon, CBS

Any successful Vikings season usually features dominance of the Lions.

Week 10

Monday, Nov. 16

at Chicago Bears, 7:15 p.m., ESPN

This could be the first time the Vikings face Nick Foles since … well …

Week 11

Sunday, Nov. 22

Dallas Cowboys, 3:25 pm., FOX

Justin Jefferson vowed to make every team that took a wide receiver ahead of him pay for doing so. Now’s his chance to show up CeeDee Lamb.

Week 12

Sunday, Nov. 29

Carolina Panthers, noon, FOX

Teddy Bridgewater returns to U.S. Bank Stadium to remind the Vikings what could’ve been. Bring some tissues for when he tosses a touchdown pass.

Week 13

Sunday, Dec. 6

Jacksonville Jaguars, 12 p.m., CBS

The best mustache in the league (and maybe the world) descends upon the Twin Cities.

Week 14

Sunday, Dec. 13

at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, noon, FOX

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski? Psh. Locals in the Twin Cities will be more interested in Antoine Winfield Jr. and Tyler Johnson.

Week 15

Sunday, Dec. 20

Chicago Bears, 12 p.m., FOX

Will superstar pass rusher Khalil Mack prove to be better than Ezra (Cleveland)?

Week 16

Friday, Dec. 25

at New Orleans Saints, 2:30 p.m., FOX

After ruining the Saints potential playoff run, the Vikings will try to ruin their Christmas, too.

Week 17

Sunday, Jan. 3

at Detroit Lions, noon, FOX

Many the Vikings will have a playoff spot locked down by then. If not, it’s a good thing they’re playing the Lions.