With a winning record guaranteed, the Minnesota Twins show no signs of slowing in their push for a American League Central championship.

A 6.5-game cushion over the Cleveland Indians on Sept. 4, the Twins now have a 96.6 percent chance of winning the division. Since Aug. 22, the team's odds of making the playoffs has increased to 99.4 percent, according to the Pro Baseball Reference website.

While those are favorable odds for a post-season birth, projections for a World Series championship appear slim -- just 7.2 percent odds.

The Twins have made the playoffs just twice since 2011. A playoff game win has been elusive since 2004.

By contrast, the Cleveland Indians chances at making the post season -- either as a wild card team or divisional winner -- stands at 52.5 percent.

The teams play six more games against each other this regular season. The graphic below takes a closer look at the remainder of the regular season.