BEMIDJI -- Each Bemidji High School athlete will have two tickets to distribute to fans for home games this winter.

With current state-mandated capacity limits set at 150 spectators for indoor sporting events, BHS will follow a similar model it used in the fall for letting Lumberjack fans into games.

The limit rises to 250 spectators for outdoor events, such as the Nordic skiing team’s meets. In that case, it “should not be an issue for everyone to attend who wants to,” Bemidji High School activities director Troy Hendricks said.

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Even if the current restrictions aren’t loosened, the possibility remains for additional fans to be let into games later in the season, as well.

“If we get a week or two down the road and we see what our crowd numbers look like on home games, we’re going to try to make sure we fill up the 150,” Hendricks said. “For example, if St. Cloud’s only bringing 20 people, we’ll have a process to contact the activities office and fill up the (crowd) to its capacity. … I don’t want to have 100 people in there if, in fact, we can have 150 just because the visiting team didn’t bring anyone.”

Hendricks said that such a process is still in the works, but that remains a potential avenue for additional family members or even students to attend games this winter.

For fans who won’t be able to come in person, Hendricks also noted that BHS is working to create a YouTube page to stream Lumberjack home events. While the page isn’t up and running yet, Hendricks was hopeful that the one-stop shop will be ready to go once games kick off later this week.