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Julin wraps up ice racing season with four wins

LAPORTE—The Garfield Lake Ice Racing season came to an end Sunday as ice conditions continue to worsen. The snow plows put in extra work to create a new road to the track making the last race possible. Club president Kris Baker thanked all the snow plow drivers for their hard work throughout the 2018 racing season.

Ryan Julin was the big winner on Sunday, collecting four checkered flags. Julin won both of his heat races and both features. Shannon George, Kalin Honer, Jim Geschwill, and Justin Miller each added heat race wins, while John Farrington and Bonnie Farrington won the consolation races.

The Garfield Lake Ice Racers banquet will be held Saturday, March 24, at the 3rd Base Bar and Grill in Laporte with a social hour planned to start at 5:30 with the awards following.

Session One

Heat One: 1-Ryan Julin, 2-Bonnie Farrington, 3-Elijah Knowles, 4-Charlie Doughty, 5-Tony Rohloff

Heat Two: 1-Shannon George, 2-Bob Pawlitscheck, 3-Ryan Huston, 4-Jared Miller, 5-Nate Zantor

Heat Three: 1-Kalin Honer, 2-Dillon Lutgen, 3-Cody Hoffman, 4-Matt Harvey, 5-Sam Delaney

Consolation Race: John Farrington, Bryan Karl, Justin Miller, Joel Harvey, Nate Zanter

Feature: 1-Ryan Julin, 2-John Farrington, 3-Kalin Honer, 4-Charlie Doughty, 5-Bonnie Farrington, 6-Shannon George, 7-Ryan Huston, 8-Justin Miller, 9-Matt Harvey, 10-Dillon Lutgen

Session Two

Heat One: 1-Justin Miller, 2-Jared Miller, 3-Bob Pawlitscheck, 4-Kalin Honer, 5-Bonnie Farrington

Heat Two: 1-Ryan Julin, 2-John Farrington, 3-Ryan Huston, 4-John Sharpnack, 5-Bob LaRose

Heat Three: 1-Jim Geschwill, 2-Reid Watson, 3-Matt Harvey, 4-Nate Zanter, 5-Bryan Karl

Consolation Race: 1-Bonnie Farrington, 2-Charlie Doughty, 3-Bryan Karl, 4-Shannon George, 5-Joel Harvey

Feature: 1-Ryan Julin, 2-Jared Miller, 3-John Farrington, 4-Ryan Huston, 5-Reid Watson, 6-Shannon George, 7-Justin Miller, 8-Bonnie Farrington, 9-Kalin Honer, 10-Bob Pawlitscheck