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INDOOR FOOTBALL: It’s official: Hello ‘Minnesota’ Axemen

The six new logos for the Minnesota Axemen Indoor Football League franchise. The team announced the rebranding today on its new website, Pioneer Photo Illustration

BEMIDJI — Change was expected and now it’s here as the Bemidji Axemen are now officially the Minnesota Axemen.

Along with the name change comes a slightly different logo as well.

The word “Minnesota” has replaced “Bemidji” in the main logo, along with some other alterations with the main logo, but the team has introduced five new secondary logos as well.

The team also revamped its website, which is now, which currently has contact information for the front office as well as season ticket information.

The changes are part of new head coach and general manager Richard Davis’ plan to get the Axemen going in the right direction after the team has struggled through the first two seasons in the IFL.