The final weeks of Blackduck High School's golf season are already here. Every year it amazes me on how fast the golf season flies by.

On Monday, May 17, our boys and girls varsity had the priviledge of golfing at Golf Week Magazine, Top Course and The Legend at Giants Ridge. The weather was beautiful, the course was awesome, but our golf game wasn't following suit.

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For the girls, Faith Pomp shot a 121; Morgan Jung, 125; Kelsey Olson, 117 and Sasha Pfannenstein, 122.

Nick Liapis led the boys with a 103; then Josh Crunden, 105; Brady Gross, 119; Ian Anderson, 121; Cody Jones, 127 and rookie Zack Jones, 135.

Bob Klug also took 12 Junior High golfers to Tianna at Walker for nine holes.

For the boys, Nathan Jablonski led the team with a 55; Nick Grundmeier shot a 66; Mike O'Reilly, 77; Ben Anderson, 71; James Bruno, 71 and Tanner Templin, 75.

The girls were led by Micheala Holmgren's 61, Oxana Pfannesnstein shot a 75; Paige Moore, 71; Kristi Slindee, 86; Alex Tindell, 76 and Jordan Sparby, 78.

The next day found our boys and girls varsity finishing their conference season at Castle Highland in Turtle River. The boys finished their conference season in style, saving their best team effort for last. Liapis led the team with a 44; Jones also shot well with a 45; Anderson, 47; Gross, 50 and Crunden, 53. The boys finished tied for second with hosting Red Lake, but finished 19 strokes behind Conference Champions, Cass Lake.

On Wednesday, the junior high competed in their last event of the year -- Red Lake's Greenwood Invite.

For the girls, Madison Steelton, placed first by shooting the round of the tournament, 81. Oxana Pfannesnstein shot a 121; Moore, 122; Sparby, 93; Fernandez, 144 and Elena Pfannesnstein shot a 113.

The boys were led by the tournaments second place boys' finisher, Gross. Gross shot a 79; Perry, 105; Moris, 108; Templin, 115; Kyle Michalek, 119 and Bruno, 112.

A few ways that I know it's the end of the golf season is the fact that I've lost even more hair, I'm 10 pounds lighter and the section tournament is here.

On May 24, the boys and girls varsity played the qualifying round of the section tournament at The Quarry at Giants Ridge. The boys ended up scoring exactly opposite of their placements. Our best score and lone qualifier for the second day of sections was our #6 Gross. He played the course very well by staying out of trouble and finished with a 105. Schuman shot a 109; Anderson, 113; Crunden, 114; Jones, 121 and Liapis withdrew after six holes due to illness.

The Blackduck girls were again the youngest team in the tournament. They finished the section tournament as the fourth best team in Section 7A.

Pomp finished the first day in 13th place by shooting a 115, while Olson was in 14th place with a 118. Out of the 12 girls that shot better then these two, seven of them are seniors. Haws finished the day with a 144 and Jung with a 157.

On June 1, Gross represented Blackduck at the section finals at The Quarry. Gross played extremely well for a freshman at the finals, but on the first day he found himself in trouble on a few holes. Combined for the two days, Gross shot a 105/112, 217. This put him as one of the top 40 golfers in the entire Section 7A.