LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Young people should be lauded for speaking out


Mark Dickinson, in his letter to the editor on June 20, said:

“Most of those that are protesting, looting and committing arson are young people. The same young people that were forced to leave school this spring. The same young people that would be employed in restaurants, theaters, gyms, etc., that were forced to close down. The same young people that don't know whether they will be back in school this fall and if or when their jobs will ever come back. Gov. Walz has robbed these young people of hope for their future.”

So, Mark, the people protesting police brutality and the murder of George Floyd are only doing because ...

1. They’re bored?

2. Gov. Walz has “stolen their future?”


3. “They can’t work their thankless minimum wage jobs?”

Mark, it couldn’t possibly be that these young people have the initiative to fight against injustice and racism? These young people don’t need to be told to go back to slave wages and shut up, they need to be lauded as the passionate young souls they are and encouraged to speak out against injustice.

Oh, and Mark, not everyone who goes into schools is young and healthy. Teachers, administrators, janitorial, kitchen staff, parents come in all ages. And who do you think these kids go home to? Empty houses? They go back to parents and elderly grandparents, and yes, sometimes immune-compromised siblings. How can anyone be quite so blind to not see that our governor has given a great gift, a gift of flattening the curve and preserving lives?

Stop looking for offense where none has been committed, Mark. Count your blessings instead of the chips on your shoulder.

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