LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Worried about future tourism in Bemidji

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Letter to the editor

Four generations of my family have been vacationing in the Bemidji area for over 60 years. We come for the lakes and streams, for the nature trails, for swimming, fishing and boating. We also enjoy shopping and dining out in Bemidji.

We find the people we meet there really friendly and happy to talk about the beauty and many attractions of the area. And now all of that is severely under threat.

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We are worried that any pipeline accident will put an end to all that brings us back to the area every summer. We are worried about how leaks will affect the waters we so enjoy and all the life that depends on those waters.

While we will certainly be able to find other places to vacation and shop and dine out, we are concerned about all those folks whose jobs depend on local tourism.


We hope that folks in Bemidji who care about your local economy as well as your beautiful waters will join us in opposing Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project.

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