LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why do you ignore what you know is wrong?

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Imagine the following if the president of the United States of America were:

  • Your spouse, father, grandpa -- would his treatment of women bring you pride? Would you want your mother, daughter, wife mistreated this way?

  • Your neighbor across the street -- would his lies told straight to your face sit right with you?

  • The principal of your local school -- would his treatment of people with different color of skin or those with disabilities be acceptable?

  • A scientist -- who says to all other scientists that his ideas are the only ideas that have truth and all their data and years of research are meaningless in light of his great intellect.

  • The mayor of your local city -- would his speech at his frequent events be considered OK? Would his veiled and unveiled threats of violence at those who dare to cross him be allowed to continue?

  • The governor of your state -- would the use of his businesses by state employees be seen as appropriate and customary? Or if a county within the state had horrific damages caused by acts of weather and earthquakes did not get assistance from the state for he believes that county is not spending state money appropriately would that sit well with those who are crying out for disaster support?

We don’t have to imagine what it is like to have our president do these things and more, for in his 3.25 years in office we have witnessed it. If we find it unfitting for the above scenarios, then what has led us to give a pass to this when he is president? Most telling however is that he has convinced many to ignore what they know to be wrong and inappropriate at even the most base level of human interaction.
We need never to question how atrocities against other humans have been done by masses of people who have been led by leaders. When the truth no longer matters and you no longer listen to a glimmer of your conscience you will then condone even the worst of crimes.

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