LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Who has the health of the nation in their hands?

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When writing this on the morning of July 2, I was flipping back and forth between some national news channels and ESPN Sports Center.

There was some mention in the national news about the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, way back, some 246 years ago.

We all know about Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and John Adams, but most others are obscure. All did pledge their “Lives, Fame, Fortune and Sacred Honor,” to that movement. Many did lose their fortunes, as well as their lives, in that fight for freedom. Of those 56 signers, 41 were slave owners.

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Now, on ESPN, I happened to see a number of signers of their new 2022-2023 NBA contracts. At the level of money involved in these new contracts, I started to wonder about some things.

So, I looked up the salaries for all players listed on the NBA website. It was rather interesting.

There were 375 names listed. There were 373 names listed as making in excess of $1,000,000 per year. The 373 player listed is Alfonzo McKinnie, of the Chicago Bulls. His salary for the new season is $1,090,007.

During the 2021-2022 season, Alfonzo played a total of 206 minutes on the court. That amounts to 3.43 hours for the season. Not a bad salary, per hour on the playing court.

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Now, it has been said, that the NBA is made up of slave owners. They have said that the players are slaves, both black, white and other colors. If so, that is for the reader to decide.


In any case, they are well paid. Not sure if any would pledge their "Lives, Fame, Fortunes and Sacred Honor," to assist the continued development of this great nation.

How about we look at the salary of the brave and committed men and women attempting to protect our southern border. A GS-12, which is the highest salary level of those folks, is at $111,407 total in salary and benefits.

That person would mostly be in a supervisor capacity, rather than a hands-on agent. That agent would be at a GS-7 level, whose salary and benefits total $70,234 per year. That individual would surpass Alfonzo’s time on the court, on the first morning of the day.

Which person has the health of the nation in their hands?

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