LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We’ve allowed a virus to sap our country of courage


Call it what you want folks, we have become a country consumed by fear, irrational paranoia or temporary insanity. Any way you look at it, we have allowed the COVID-19 virus to sap our country of courage.

Our elderly aren't allowed, or are too afraid to: get together with family and friends, watch their grandkids play a soccer game, go to church, get a haircut, or even go to a grandchild's wedding,

Our children, who aren’t even significantly affected by the virus, aren't allowed to: go to school to learn with their friends, play sports, go to a prom, play with their buddies at a city park, go through a graduation ceremony, or go to a birthday party.

The COVID-19 virus is serious. We all know that. It has killed, and will kill many. Many other health risks are also serious: influenza kills on average close to 50,000 Americans every year, drug overdoses (65,000), car accidents (40,000), and cancer (600,000). We stand idly by while our government spends millions to support groups that kill 700,000 unborn children per year that, 6-8 months later, would be bouncing baby boys and girls. And yet, we sit at our kitchen tables and fear that maybe the Virus will get us or a loved one.

Every single day, year after year, over 8,000 United States citizens die from something. Get over it. It's part of life.


Folks, if you're at risk, and/or in fear of the virus, you should be extremely cautious and stay home.

The fallout from the country shutting down almost everything will be, in my opinion, far greater than the loss of life from the virus: elderly people dying from broken hearts because they can't be with their families; children mentally and physically wasting away at home because of the fear; financial hardship; emotional strife; increased drug and alcohol use; physical and mental abuse; and suicide.

The fallout from the shutdown has robbed our nation of hope.

A great American president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said: "All we have to fear is fear itself."

Our politicians and the media have us cowering in the corner out of fear. We need to stand up, take back our rights, reopen our country and restore hope for the future.

If you feel as I do, please reach out to our president and governor. Together we can make a difference.

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