LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need to respect the results


We have a new president-elect, and the election results will likely be certified before we know it.

Now there are many who wish this wasn’t the case but, in the end, they will move on because that’s what Americans do. They accept the results of our democratic process and move forward. Those who worked so hard against candidates who won will find ways to accept this.

In the same way, we have to respect the results of other processes, whether or not we agree with them.

It seems odd that some of the same people who undoubtedly agree that we need to respect the results of our election have no trouble dismissing the results of the long process that has gone into approving the Enbridge Line 3 replacement here in Minnesota.

This project has been reviewed, challenged and approved, again and again for nearly six years now. Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission, the Department of Natural Resources, and Pollution Control Agency have all spent time reviewing it. They have all come to the same conclusion: that the project should move forward.


I understand that opponents of the project don’t like the result. While they don’t have to like it, they do need to accept it.

Instead of being divided on this issue we should now focus on how it will benefit our state. Those who disagree with the results can at least focus their energy on one thing that everyone should want -- the boost that this project will bring for our state.

John Gerbracht is chief of the Bagley Fire Department.

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