LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need to get our state, country working again


I appreciate the positive and negative responses to my letter of April 11. I respect others’ opinions and welcome the dialogue on both sides.

I am sorry to those I offended with some of my remarks. Some of the words I used were harsh and condescending. I should have done better and I sincerely apologize.

If you have age or health issues that make you at risk, or if you fear the virus, I understand. You have every right to shelter in place until treatments, or a vaccine, are developed.

All lives are sacred and every death is sad. We need to protect those who are vulnerable and give them the opportunity to protect themselves, which is being done.

The deaths, depression, mental and physical health issues caused by the shutdown will do greater harm to our society than the deaths caused by the virus.


We need to get our state and country working again. We are harming our children, young adults and families by continuing with this shutdown. People under age 55 are minimally affected by this virus.

In the United States, 91% of the deaths from the virus are over 55 years old (source: CDC website, April 20). Many had underlying health issues. In Minnesota, the median age of death is 84 (source: MDH website, April 20). Over 90% of the people that have died in Minnesota had significant other health issues. In Minnesota, about 4,000 die per month. To date, we have lost about 150 from the virus.

We need to get churches, schools and businesses open again. The governor has severely stomped on our constitutional right to freedom of religion. He has wrongly decided that some businesses shall be closed, while others (including liquor stores) remain open with hundreds of customers daily. How sad that our children have been home from school and other outdoor activities for weeks. Unfortunately, I don't trust that our governor has any intention of opening up our state anytime soon.

This virus is going to kill more people. We know that. The goal a month ago was to flatten the curve of cases so that our medical community could handle the surge. We have accomplished flattening that curve and our local medical community is prepared.

Please contact your county board, state representatives and governor to encourage reopening our churches, schools and businesses now. The mental, physical and financial health of our state depends on it.

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