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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We have the obligation to inform ourselves

As citizens we have the obligation to inform ourselves and avoid innuendos implied by elaborate games of partisan “telephone” that distort truth.

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This letter comes as a response to Mr. Sparke and his recent letter to the editor (published Jan. 23). While I agree that we can never know what a person’s ulterior motives might be, behavior and what is said is important. Some of what the author writes continues to cloud the argument against violent behavior, and diverts from the fact that the insurrectionists bear responsibility for their violent and illegal acts in their attack on the Capitol.

Their actions are not equal to what he regards as “lies" by the Speaker of the House and others. Mr. Sparke’s resentment over five years of opposition to Trump and the investigations into Trump campaigning with emails stolen by Russians shows that he is another victim of Trump’s falsehoods. Evidence documents that these challenges to Trump were justified.

To submit a letter as he did means he did not read the Executive Summary in the Mueller Report and the Republican-led Senate report that documents Trump’s wrongdoing. His arguments suggest that he is poorly informed as he attempts to shift our focus away from the violence fueled by resentment that Trump lost.

Responsible citizens need to work to “overcome misinformation” as the Pioneer reporter Matthew Liedke stated on Jan. 9 (in his opinion column on Page A4). Insinuating hidden cheating is dangerous in these times and reveals a failure to rely on the rule of law.

Krebs, Barr, Secretaries of State and courts across the country attested to the integrity of this election contradicting Trump’s lies and his radical supporters. Current and former Republicans are now decrying this violence.


There are worlds of difference between violent insurrectionists and people who peacefully protest against racial, environmental, gender discrimination and other righteous causes, where real and long term injustices have occurred.

We are learning more daily about the dangerous groups who used Trump’s fury over the election loss as a justification and cover for much more sinister and diverse ideologies. As citizens we have the obligation to inform ourselves and avoid innuendos implied by elaborate games of partisan “telephone” that distort truth.

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