LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This is very simple


Enbridge, the companies who refine the gas we use, and the Public Utilities Commission have consistently concluded throughout the approval process for the Line 3 replacement project that the demand for oil will continue to be there long term.

Opponents, who are reluctant to accept yes for an answer, keep trying to use the temporary drop in demand from the pandemic to say that things had changed for good. In reality, the long-term forecasts haven’t changed at all. With life slowly moving back to normal, the demand for oil is still there and will be higher than ever.

Replacing Line 3 means Enbridge will continue to make sure that Minnesota has a reliable source of fuel that is transported in the safest way possible.

Where does the gas, diesel, and jet fuel that runs our state come from? Most of it comes from the Flint Hills Pine Bend refinery in Rosemount and Marathon refinery in St. Paul Park. Both of the refineries rely on the Line 3 pipeline for the petroleum they need. Even with the current Line 3 in operation, they are not able to receive all of the oil they need. This is why right now too much oil continues to be transported by train cars that are not as safe as a pipeline.

Replacing Line 3 and restoring the line to its full capacity is by far the safest way to transport oil through our state. Not only is it better than using trucks and rail cars, a new pipeline will have state-of-the-art technology and be significantly better than one that was built in the 1960s.


This is very simple. Why are our governor and his administration making it complicated by dragging out an approval process that has lasted for over five years?

Daniel Stenseng, Clearbrook, is a former Clearwater County Commissioner.

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