LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The need for this project continues to be upheld

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Seven months into construction on the Line 3 pipeline project and it is not hard to find a business, individual or town that has benefited from this project’s impact on northern Minnesota.

While some continue to oppose the pipeline project that was started by the Obama and Biden Administration because replacing it is a crucial need, it is clear the benefits far outweigh any potential concerns.

Enbridge has gone through years and years of delays as they conducted the lengthiest pipeline study in our state’s history. They gathered dozens of permits, held more than 70 public meetings and were successful in a handful of court cases. And at the end of the day, the need for this project was upheld.

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In small-town Minnesota, we are grateful for this project being successful and moving forward. This project is helping to stimulate local economies, largely thanks to the more than 5,500 pipeline workers who have been hired. These men and women are not only helping their families because of their reliable, good-paying jobs, but they are also spending money in the towns they travel to and through.


Additionally, Enbridge makes it a priority to work with companies in the communities along the pipeline route. Supplies, equipment leases, rock and lumber from Minnesota companies are being used on this project, boosting small businesses that were hit hard following the pandemic.

The Line 3 pipeline project has extensive benefits that are helping so many businesses, individuals and towns across northern Minnesota, and we are pleased to see it.

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