LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The decline and fall of the American dream


Trump, his craven GOP toadies and their abject partisans are now partners in crime: co-conspirators in the destruction of our democratic system and collaborators in the use of government for pure self-interest at the expense of responsibility to and justice for the American people. To say that Trump has "ideas" -- as one recent letter writer suggested -- is intrinsically laughable and certainly oxymoronic.

Trump's "ideas" resolve themselves into the following: tearing families apart and putting children in cages, preferring tax breaks for the ultra-rich rather than health care for all, undermining our democratic institutions from Congress to the Justice Department to the various agencies that have been appointed for the protection of the American people, sowing discord and division through racist tropes, giving legitimacy to white supremacists, and trashing an environment which is already on the tipping-point. And all of this is done for the sole purpose of ensuring that the centers of government feed the unlimited greed of Trump and the GOP.

Personal attacks on others rather than rational argument is Trump' s only response against his political opponents and those who have the integrity to call out his many crimes against the Constitution -- and humanity. We should all be thankful that Alexander Vindman, Maria Yovanovich, Adam Schiff and, significantly, Mitt Romney, to name a few, have had the courage to stand up --- despite Trump's brutal ethic of revenge -- for the values and norms that formerly defined our republic.

All decent Republicans have left the party long ago. Finally, there is only one motive -- other than bigotry or ignorance -- that excites Trump's supporters: greed. As long as their stocks continue to rise, the welfare of the American community -- as well as that of their children and grandchildren for whom clean air, clean water and a livable environment are increasingly lost causes -- is a matter of indifference..

"I want mine now and nothing else matters" -- that is the noble "idea" behind all of Trump's actions and all of Trump's men. The gulf between those lolling in wealth and the majority of Americans who cannot afford one major health bill, who work several jobs to stay barely afloat, who live from paycheck to paycheck, has never been as wide or deep as it is today. One party is to blame for this unconscionable situation. Those who support it will have much to answer for in history, if not in their own atrophied consciences.

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