LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you to all for your dedicated service

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I recently received extraordinary care at the Sanford Hospital in Bemidji after having a major heart attack on March 12. You could have fooled me though, as everything I had learned was to expect a vice-like grip on your chest and pain down the left arm. I felt some pressure on my chest, but I thought it involved my lungs and might be COVID.

I paced the house for four hours and continued to Google things about COVID. Finally, I decided to go to the ER. Upon arriving, I told the nurse on duty my “covid story” but learned quickly that that was not the problem. Soon I was dressed in my medical gown with nurses and doctors everywhere.

Dr. Perez was right there after an EKG was taken to clearly explain what was going on and keep me in good spirits. Dr. Schuchard removed a blockage in my heart, inserted two stents and saved my life.

All of the nurses were fantastic too, nurse Serena was the first one I met, and what a talented and skilled individual. She kept the mood light with bits of humor and helped get my new roommate and me talking to each other. Nurse Ron was checking on me the first night in the ICU, constantly giving me updates on my vitals.

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Later, as I made my plea as to why I should go home early, Dr. Reddy patiently explained that more time was needed before I could be discharged. He was correct, as something else developed and it would not have been discovered if I had left early.

I was finally discharged on March 15, and upon arriving home, I realized that the charging cord for my cell phone was still at the hospital. I called and they located the cord. I went to the hospital a few days later to pick it up, but the cord could not be found. I left my name and address and was told that if it showed up, they would mail it to me.

Later that night, there was a knock at our door and it was nurse John from the fourth floor. I am sure he had just completed his 12-hour shift and was anxious to get home, but here he was with my phone cord. I could not believe it!

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