LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Replacing Line 3 will have no impact on greenhouse gas emissions

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Over the weekend, I caught a piece on PBS about the Line 3 pipeline replacement project. It was exciting to see Enbridge’s Mike Fernandez talk about the amazing benefits this project is having on jobs and local economies.

Pipeline opponents claimed that this project is harmful for the environment -- a point that Fernandez dismissed. In fact, replacing Line 3 will have no impact on greenhouse gas emissions, while transporting oil (which we continue to need for everyday life) via rail and roads certainly increases emissions, which is why they should be avoided.

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My favorite line was, “The reality is that pipelines are the most efficient and safest way, and most environmentally sound way, to transport this needed fuel.”

Additionally, Enbridge highlighted a huge difference between the Line 3 pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline. Namely, that the Line 3 project already exists.


The bottom line is this. While we all work towards cleaner and greener energy, we need a smooth transition to that aspirational aspect of life. In the meantime, we depend on oil to fuel our cars and warm our homes, which is why the Line 3 replacement project is so crucial.

I am glad to see the Line 3 project moving ahead and look forward to the completion, the safety, and increased capacity it will bring.

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