LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Protesters just want their 15 minutes of fame

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How pipeline opponents continue to get coverage for their ridiculous (and dangerous) antics is beyond me.

I have seen photos of protesters erecting themselves in three-story-high structures that require special equipment and numerous first responders to ensure protesters are safely removed.

There have been videos of protesters climbing into unfinished trenches that could crumble in on them or the police who are required to go down to remove them.

There has been vandalism, scare tactics, and a ridiculous amount of time and energy spent by Minnesota police and rescue officers to remove protesters so construction can continue.

The less “sexy” story that doesn’t get as much attention, is the outstanding benefits this project has and will bring to our state. Thus far, Enbridge has: hired more than 5,000 people who have been working in Minnesota since December, committed to investing more than $2 billion in Minnesota, and has devoted more than $180 million in tribal work opportunities.


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But protesters do not look at the facts of the good this project brings; they only want their 15 minutes of fame, and to destabilize our energy infrastructure system by advocating for the immediate end of oil usage.

No pipeline means hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil being put on trucks, traveling next to you and your family, and congesting the roads. No pipeline means that oil will be placed on trains, raising prices and making it more difficult and expensive to get other goods to market.

No pipeline, which largely fuels the Minneapolis airport, threatens our Midwest hub and the jobs of nearly 90,000 airport workers.

The shortsightedness of pipeline protesters is ridiculous, and quite simply, needs to stop. This project has been studied and is needed, those are just facts.

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