LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Positive things are still happening

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I am writing this on April 29, which was my mother's birthday. As I walked to the mailbox to mail some letters, I received a message from her and God -- I finally heard frogs singing. For most of my life, I have felt spring was finally here when I heard frogs.

It is good to be able to have some positive happenings after all the turmoil that the world has been, and is still going through. Sometimes what happens in our lives seems to be a gift. I had such a happening on Sunday, April 25. I awoke at 2:30 a.m. to a 60-degree house with a malfunctioning furnace. I don't function well at that temperature after having had chemo 13 years ago. I plugged in an electric heater and put on more clothes.

I checked the outside temperature at daybreak, which was 16 degrees, and the predicted low for Sunday night and Monday morning, which was in the mid-30s.

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I decided it was time to call friends and ask for prayers for me and the furnace man. Then I contacted H&R Heating & Air Conditioning to have them come on Monday, as I thought I would be able to stay warm with a lot of clothes and movement.


I received a call back from Hank and he said he could come that afternoon. He came out and spent 4.5 hours working on the furnace. He had to go back to Bemidji for a different gas valve and then come back and finish the job. I could just imagine the dollar signs, and when he told me the bill I was shocked! I told my brother what I was charged and he said, "Boy, you lucked out! "

No, it wasn't luck, because God can turn bad into good. The furnace man, Hank, was a wonderful, gracious and pleasant person who came and is an example of the love of God.

Mom and dad always told us the Lord will provide answers to prayer. This is the kind of positive happenings that we need to hear about. So, thank you, Hank.

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