LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our city making this a priority is a great step

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I have been stunned by the recent videos and articles that I have come across recently showing the dangerous and sometimes outrageous actions by protesters of Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline replacement project.

At times, protesters are screaming at workers and police officers simply for doing their jobs. At others, they have placed themselves in active construction sites or in front of running equipment, leading to a great potential for injury.

It is disappointing to see the disruption to this project’s progress, but also to see the required responses by emergency responders to diffuse the protests or safely remove protesters from dangerous situations.

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I was proud to be from Bagley when I saw that the Bagley City Hall has taken a pledge to encourage respectful dialogue when it comes to Line 3. This pledge is from Respect Minnesota, which has the goal of bringing civil discourse and productive conversations back to issues we disagree on, such as this pipeline.


It is a great step that our city is making this a priority, and I was glad to see the numerous other cities, businesses, organizations and thousands of pipeline workers as a part of Respect Minnesota too. I hope the protesters come to the table and join this cause as well.

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