LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Opportunities within the Inflation Reduction Act

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Having entered the second month of the new year, I have decided it is time to learn about opportunities available to homeowners and renters through the Inflation Reduction Act.

I recently heard about Rewiring America, a nonprofit supporting the electrification of homes, businesses and communities. Their website provides a tool for calculating financial savings available through the IRA. After inputting my zip code, proud Bemidji resident, and homeowner status, renters qualify for incentives, too; household income before taxes; and size of my household, I clicked “Calculate.”

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What populated was an overview of the total incentives from which my family and I can benefit. Perhaps most exciting is how some of the incentives come in the form of upfront discounts, which reduces purchase price at the point of sale.

There were a couple of categories I was particularly drawn to — incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles EV and those for electrifying common home appliances. Based on energy costs in Minnesota, it is estimated we could save $1,150 every year if we both begin driving an EV and swap our existing furnace and water heater for electric alternatives.


Switching to an EV would entail upgrading our electrical panel, which offers a $4,000 rebate; installing a Level 2 EV charger in our garage, which offers a $1,000 tax credit; and finding the right EV to fit our needs.

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Thankfully, we are not limited to buying a new vehicle, though — the IRA provides up to $4,000 for the purchase of a qualifying used EV. Electrifying our water heater and furnace with heat pumps qualify for rebates of $1,750 and $8,000 respectively.

Our 50-year-old home would also benefit from weatherization — air sealing, insulating, door and window upgrades and ventilation improvements — for which we could receive up to $1,600 in rebates.

Call me a tree-hugger, because, in addition to the financial incentives for improving the comfort and value of our home, I love the idea of reducing my family’s carbon footprint.

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