LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New Line 3 will benefit Minnesota

We are part of The Trust Project.

As Line 3 grows closer to being replaced, I would like to share some information that some of you may not know.

Whether you believe it or not, the environmental impact of a new Line 3 will actually be better than it has been -- that’s because of the huge importance from environmental inspectors and government agencies. The 1,031 miles of 36-inch crude oil pipeline that spans from western Canada through North Dakota and Minnesota to Wisconsin will allow 760,00 barrels a day. As it is, the existing Line 3, at 34 inches is restricted to 50 percent capacity.

The benefits for our state if this project is awarded are many.

The jobs for the community will be about 8,600 and about 6,500 will all be local. About $162 million in economic impact will profit local businesses, through supermarkets, hotels, gas stations and local construction material.

This old line will be replaced with the newest and latest technology to preserve and protect for many years to come. There will be buoyancy control weights in the wetlands filled with local material as well as pipeline wrap to protect the pipeline from rock damage or any other damage.

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