LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local student praised for his activism


I enjoyed reading about recent high school graduate Hunter Jackson in the recent article "Getting out of his comfort zone: Bug School grad found his voice."

I applaud Mr. Jackson for his activism on behalf of Native Americans and his work with the United National Indian Tribal Youth Conference. As someone who also stutters, I hope that he will continue to speak out because the Native American population needs to be better educated about stuttering and speech therapy options, as well as for any type of speech problem.

I think that people who stutter in the Native American community would benefit from exploring the website of the Stuttering Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in the U.S. Their website is The site has a ton of helpful free resources.

The Native American communities in both the U.S. and Canada have an abundance of health care problems to say the least. I hope that Hunter Jackson will speak out more about stuttering.

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