LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Listen to people who know what they’re doing


President Trump is a liar. He lies one day and then covers it up with more lies. He is arrogant and not trustworthy.

He thinks he’s so brave, he doesn’t need to wear a mask to keep the virus away. When he ran for election people I talked to said he is a businessman and will know how to run the country. After at least three bankruptcies, I don’t think that’s much of a businessman.

He always blames the other person. He’s never wrong. Before the virus he had most of the world angry at the U.S. In a news conference with his pal Putin, he believed him over U.S. intelligence. He had deals with North Korea and Syria. North Korea is still shooting missiles.

Then when the coronavirus came, it was the previous administration’s fault. Last week I watched President Obama’s news conference from 2014. He predicted in a decade we would have a pandemic. He told branches of government to prepare in a non-political way, but neither side of the aisle listened, and it happened in five years.

President Trump was high on the pill used for malaria, which didn’t help. The experts say until we find a pill or solution this could go on for 12 to 18 months.


I feel for the people in the front lines. Unemployment is bad.

But what I’m really worried about is going to try and open the country too soon.

It looks like to me the Republican propaganda thinks re-election is better, and to overlook all the deaths.

I hope they will listen to the people who know what they’re doing.

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