LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Line 3 replacement needs to move forward


Too often it seems that it is easier to be against something than it is to be for something. It is even harder to be for something that takes a long time to get done.

The Enbridge Line 3 replacement project is obviously one of these projects.

What gets lost in all the meetings and controversy is the fact that more people are learning about the project and are supporting it.

People like me and others who support this project look at the facts and are even more resolved to make sure this gets done.

Minnesota uses oil for our energy every day. We also know this project will bring thousands of high paying jobs to Minnesota. It’s obvious to us that replacing Line 3 will help protect the environment because transporting by pipeline is in fact the safest way to make sure oil gets to where it’s needed.


The Public Utilities Commission has agreed with these facts again. One day we will clearly use less and less oil, but that day is still a ways away.

That’s why this project needs to move forward and it’s time to build Line 3.

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