LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Line 3 project is here to stay

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After just eight months of construction, the Line 3 pipeline project is nearly 70% complete.

Despite this fact, Line 3 protesters continue to wreak havoc, create dangerous situations, and threaten pipeline workers nearly every day. Additionally, these protest groups continue to call for more protesters from all around the country to head to Minnesota to join their not so “peaceful” protests.

For eight months, these protesters have put a strain on our local communities and our law enforcement. They continue to create hazardous situations that require significant police presence, requiring our police officers to leave the communities they are supposed to be serving to instead respond to Line 3 protests.

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Protesters have ramped up their tactics to match their desperation, and it’s our first responders that are left to deal with their messes. Our police officers and firefighters should not be forced to use their time and energy on these completely avoidable and unnecessary situations at pipeline construction sites and instead should be protecting our communities.

The facts are simple. The courts have ruled on behalf of the Line 3 project. State and Federal agencies have backed the Line 3 project. And the majority of Minnesotans support the Line 3 project.


These protesters need to realize that they have reached the end of the road, and the Line 3 project is here to stay.

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