LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s move forward together


As the 2020 Election is being looked into legally, Americans are watching for fair and just results. Republicans and Democrats then have to accept the results and move forward with their roles and responsibilities. The same can be said about opposing sides of Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project.

For the better part of six years people have been pushing for or against this project, and now the results are in. The state is granting this project its final permits and construction will soon be starting.

What has happened over this long process?

The project has been held to an extremely high standard countless times -- environmental impact studies, water permit reviews and so forth. While this took a lot of time and was frustratingly slow, it did do one thing: it made sure that the decision to approve this project was airtight.

As we look to move forward with the results of the election, now we need to move forward with Line 3 in Minnesota.


There was a process, and that process was followed to a “T.” Not everyone agrees with the result but there will never be a full consensus with every decision that’s made in our democracy.

Let’s respect decisions that have been made and move forward together.

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