LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s build Line 3


Recently Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project received more good news. The Administrative Law Judge’s report from the contested case process was released. No surprise that the ALJ, after looking at facts and data, concluded that opponents of the Line 3 replacement project “failed to prove” that the project would have a permanent impact on water quality and wetlands.

One more time the project passes another test. What this means is that we can finally finish with permitting for this project in order to begin construction.

While this is great news, going through the needless review was an unnecessary delay to begin with. We need to stop fooling around, approve the final permits, and begin construction.

This project has been proven necessary and safe over and over and we need to allow it to move forward. It will put thousands to work, it will boost our economy, and it will keep our environment safe.

There is nothing more for Enbridge to prove! Governor Walz needs to stop playing games and show support for this project. Let’s work together and do what is best for Minnesota, let’s build Line 3.

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