LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keeping a political eye open

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Keeping up with the news in the past week has been remarkably draining.

We’ve been inundated with information about Roe vs. Wade being overturned, the Jan. 6 hearings, the ongoing gun control debate, and several Supreme Court cases (including ones infringing on tribal sovereignty and environmental protection), and those examples don’t even include legislature closer to home.

It may be surprising then that I say now is a crucial time to keep a broad focus on political issues globally, nationally and locally.


Because of how overwhelming the news has been, it’s easy for issues or big policy moves to get buried.

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Legislation like the International Affairs Budget, which is essential for democracy and protecting national security, is currently being discussed. How is it even possible to keep track of such important things taking place outside of the headlines?

Organizations have lists complied of important legislation related to their goals. I’m a part of The Borgen Project, which urges U.S. leaders to address global poverty, and it’s much easier to keep track of legislation currently being discussed by keeping updated on their lists.

You can seek out information about causes important to you and remain informed about things news outlets rarely cover.

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It’s also helpful to follow our congressional leaders, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Tina Smith, and Representative Pete Stauber, on whatever platforms you have available.


They all have email lists and Facebook pages where it’s easier to get a day-to-day perspective of how they are responding to issues at home and abroad.

You can even call them or email them about legislation that’s important to you. Knowing their stances now and watching how they respond to your concerns when you reach out will help us all come elections rapidly approaching in November.

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