LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I hope I live long enough to gain some wisdom

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I recently visited a dermatologist, to assess the nature of a large number of unsightly skin spots on my face and upper torso. He called them "wisdom spots." Based on the quantity of those spots, I should have the wisdom of Solomon. Unfortunately, my 81-year-old mind is as confused as ever.

What is this "woke" thing I hear about? What is "critical race theory?" If it is a theory, then it has not been proven right?

When is "illegal," legal? Apparently, when you waltz over our southern border. That confuses me a lot.

I read a recent column, stating one political party is fearful of most everything happening today. While I do not consider myself a Republican, so my opinion may not count, I do not fear any of those things stated. I do feel that folks supporting most of these ideas and programs may not be listening to the common sense side of their brain.

Again, I may be wrong, as I lack the wisdom of an 81-year-old citizen of this great land. This columnist listed that people have a fear of athletes taking a knee. I do not fear that at all. For me, I only take a knee for one man, and he died on the cross.


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Again, the writer of this column said that the Republicans fear people of any color that isn't white. While I can not speak for the Republicans, I can say, having lived and worked with people of all colors, I do not fear them at all. I am concerned about some behavior of people of all colors. Apparently, if I had more wisdom, I would be able to accept the behavior that would be contrary to the Ten Commandments.

Another recent letter to the editor was discussing population control. This individual discussed two noble purposes for Planned Parenthood. I might be able to support that organization if they did not kill babies. While that baby in the womb may not be breathing air, the mother is doing that for the baby. I liken the umbilical cord to a life support system in the hospital. But again, I am not a wise person, so I may have this wrong.

I hope I live long enough to gain some wisdom.

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