LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I cannot wait to see Line 3 completed

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Dan Godin, Leonard

Every spring means yard clean up and every summer means road construction. We regularly take action to maintain or improve our
surroundings. To increase safety, to fix vulnerabilities and to make our daily lives better than they were yesterday.

Why should fixing a 60-year-old pipeline be any different? It is understandable that a part of our energy infrastructure that has seen 60 years of the elements and normal wear and tear would require some updates. Additionally, technology and resource have come a long way since the 1960s, and there are clearly better ways to do things than we once thought.

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The Line 3 pipeline was first deemed an issue in need of repair by the Obama/Biden Administrations when they acknowledged that left untouched, it could pose a risk to our environment and our communities. Yet, there are protesters every day arguing for construction on this pipeline to be halted and to leave the crumbling pipeline system alone.

So, the options are: replace an existing pipeline to protect our land, streams and towns, OR, leave it as is and leave our beautiful
environment and Minnesota families vulnerable to what could happen when the pipeline breaks and oil spills.


Regular maintenance and upkeep are part of our personal lives, and part of our regularly scheduled summer construction season -- the Line 3 replacement project should be no different and I cannot wait to see it completed.

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