LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hopefully new school board members will make a positive difference

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A recent letter to the editor (published Feb. 4 on Page A4) stated that “Local school boards nationwide are becoming the entry grounds for far-right conservatives...” The writer went on to state she will be monitoring for “tactics that undermine fairness.”

In my opinion, it is statements like these that motivated parents in this district, and thousands more around the country, to say enough is enough.

She seems threatened by new board members who were honestly and fairly elected by residents of the district. I know these board members well enough to know that there wasn’t some sort of shadow campaign or unseemly organization that somehow backed them.

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They simply spoke from the heart, connected with many parents’ concerns — which do align more with conservative values — and worked hard to get elected. Period.

Many residents are more than a bit tired of the mantra of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). These new board members love and care for ALL students and want the very best for ALL students.

From what I know, their focus will be providing a quality education while standing for common sense values. Actions by the board in the past have obviously harmed the school district, with quite a number of families pulling out their children.

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Yet DEI supporters seem to desire to keep this agenda a very high priority rather than addressing other serious issues that affect students. There will be no nefarious tactics from these new board members. In fact, I believe their desire to improve success and safety for all students will be clear and open for all to see, as well as their care for the district staff.

Change is what parents and residents wanted. And by the way, I guarantee you their motivation is not fear, but a desire to serve and facilitate change. Hopefully, we have enough change to make a positive difference.

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